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With the continuous progress and development of society, people's requirements for home life are also rising. More environmentally friendly, more stylish and more high-end home decoration products are the demands of consumers in the new era

baidibao, one of the top ten Chinese board brands:

more high-end healthy board, making living more comfortable

baidibao healthy board brand: making life more free and living more comfortable

good board is the foundation of creating a high-quality home environment. From the beginning of its establishment, baidibao health board brand has always focused on creating environmental friendly household products, using high-quality natural beech and fir as the base materials, and German imported logs as the panel. The painting procedure has been completed before leaving the factory. The environmental protection standard has reached the American carb-p2 environmental protection certification and the JAS environmental protection and health level standard "F 4 star", which is higher than the E0 environmental protection level standard, It is an industry recognized high-end home decoration board with near zero formaldehyde emission

a good board, of course, is inseparable from personalized design, diverse appearance and changing colors. The outstanding advantage of the series of products under baidibao health board brand is personalization, which can perfectly fit the design style of the whole room and make the whole home decoration more stylish

it is effortless to digest the modern simple style, cool gray series, unique luster, fashion and other styles, showing the enjoyment of comfort and beauty

if you prefer the integration of traditional Chinese style to make your home more nostalgic, the wooden materials and simple design make the whole space more warm, break the original Chinese fixed mode, and make it more modern and fashionable with openness and permeability

European style design is characterized by luxury and steadiness. Working and living in such an environment will be an enjoyable life experience


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know how to love yourself

create a trendy home for people who love home

If you want to protect the environment, choose baidibao

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