Common problems and cause analysis in wallpaper pa

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1、 Wallpaper cracks

1, the wall itself is uneven

2, there are particles, sand particles on the wall

3, the glue powder is not completely gelatinized

2, the adhesion is not enough, the adhesion is not firm

1, the solid content is low, and too much water is added

2, the proportion of glue is inappropriate

3, the glue blocking time of wallpaper is too short, and the wallpaper is not completely penetrated, and the contact is not close enough

4, the wall is wet, and the oil content is large.

5 The adjusted glue takes too long, and has been hydrated

6. The base film is not completely dry

7. The varnish is too thick

8. The dry paste will be sticky, and the wet paste will be less sticky

3. The wallpaper is moldy

1. The mildew inhibitor of the wallpaper protective layer is added less

2. Before pasting the wallpaper, the wall moisture is too heavy

3. The base film is painted unevenly

4. There is no wall powder.Complete gelatinization, poor quality of wall powder itself

IV. impact of climate

1 In summer, the temperature is high, the wall is dry, and the glue dries quickly. If the posting is slow, it is easy to curl or fall off

2. In winter, the temperature is low, and the wall cloth and PVC are relatively hard and easy to curl. During construction, use the wall cloth softener to deal with it

v. the papering is empty

1. The air is not completely discharged during construction

2. The thickness is uneven during gluing

3. The wall itself is uneven

4. The wall is relatively wet

VI. the edge of wallpaper is raised

1. The base course and powder layer are not treated thoroughly

2. The wall is wet

3. The adhesive used for papering is unqualified

4. The range of time volume for wrapping the sun corner is too large.Less

VII. Off seam paper loss

1. Poor alignment

2 The measurement is not standard

3. The wallpaper is not cut at one time

4. If it is PVC paper, stretching during scraping may also lead to seam loss

VIII. The wallpaper fades

1. The wallpaper itself is poor in material

2. It is often exposed to sunlight

3. The color of the base course is inconsistent




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