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The development of the wall fabric industry for many years has created a large number of wall fabric enterprises that only focus on manufacturing, are used to copying each other, are used to low prices, and have low added value. Most of the wall fabric enterprises do not have strong brand awareness and ignore their own brand building, which also leads to the lack of brand strategy in the development of enterprises. However, with the intensification of the survival of the fittest in the market, simple production-oriented enterprises have been difficult to adapt to the fierce competitive environment in the market. So, how should wall fabric enterprises do a good job in brand strategy and build a wall fabric brand

first, personalized brand image is essential. For wall covering enterprises, personalized brand image is essential if they want to stand firm in the fierce market competition, and brand construction is also the top priority of enterprise development. The so-called brand image refers to the personality characteristics of an enterprise or its brand in the market and in the hearts of the public. It reflects the public consumers' evaluation and cognition of the brand. Brand image and brand are inseparable. Image is the characteristic of brand and reflects the strength and essence of brand

second, establish a good brand image of wall covering. In the Internet era, the world is changing, and the wall covering industry is also changing. Today, with the rapid development of market economy, as the current consumer groups pursuing quality life continue to expand, wall fabric enterprises to improve brand value and brand awareness is an important driving force for enterprises to quickly enter the market. If an enterprise can establish a good brand image, it can provide a strong driving force for it in the fierce market competition and promote the enterprise to occupy a larger market share

third, improve product quality and product added value. In the final analysis, all development strategies, whether brand image, corporate image or * *, should be based on high-quality product quality. Therefore, it is also essential to improve the product quality and product added value of enterprises. Specifically, high-quality products must be guaranteed by high-quality raw materials, unique design styles, and high-quality services. Therefore, providing high-quality services for consumers is an important means for enterprises to improve the added value of products

IV. high recognition brand logo is very important. In addition, wall fabric enterprises also need to effectively integrate the image with a product as the core, so as to form a comprehensive, unified, personalized and high recognition brand image. It is best to turn various characteristic elements into a simple visual symbol - logo, standard font, a unified color, an advertising slogan, a behavior mode, etc, So that consumers can recognize this enterprise at a glance

wall fabric enterprises should strengthen brand awareness, create a wall fabric brand, and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, because only by doing a good job in brand construction and brand strategy, can they get a place in the current fierce market competition

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