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The traditional wooden floor form of living home floor has changed the wooden floor appearance with monotonous form and simple structure. Adhering to the classical, elegant and rigorous temperament, it is even more romantic

at present, lifehome is the holder of patents related to antique wooden flooring and formaldehyde removal technology in China. The traditional form of lifehome flooring has changed the appearance of wooden flooring with monotonous form and simple structure, adhering to the classical, elegant and rigorous temperament, and is even more romantic

in 1996, lifehome brand was founded. It is also the unit responsible for drafting the industrial standards of antique wood flooring, and has obtained 45 national patents and participated in the compilation of 30 international, national or industrial standards. At the same time, it is also a benchmark enterprise of solid wood composite flooring and antique flooring in China

from antique hand-made flooring to the popular American creative magic cube flooring, lifers have always adhered to the principle of promoting more products with environmental protection functions and artistic value, such as formaldehyde removal flooring and Venice mosaic flooring, to the public

brand culture: advocate "home centered lifestyle"

living home flooring has strong R & D and product innovation capabilities, and has its own wood and new product laboratories, with advanced R & D and quality testing equipment. In foreign countries, we have established long-term supply relations with international flooring giants. In China, we will establish a sound sales and service network system, covering the national primary and secondary markets, and devote ourselves to the construction of the tertiary urban network

lifestyle advocates "family centered lifestyle". Here, home is not only a narrow concept of residence, but also includes home in the humanistic sense and home in the spiritual sense. Lifers actively promote the integration of various high-quality cultures, and are committed to the dissemination of healthy life attitudes and lifestyles, bringing consumers value beyond the product itself

process features: pure handmade, environmental protection and health

as one of the world's largest antique flooring manufacturers, lifestyle has always been through the creative idea of combining quality and taste, bringing value beyond the product itself to global consumers

select high-quality raw materials all over the world: including wood from major precious wood production areas in the world, brand genver paint from Germany, brand Taier glue from Finland, etc

environmental protection, health, and ensure the safety of use: through the strict control of raw materials, processes, and processes and innovative design, the finished products produced are superior to the relevant national standards, and will not cause harm to human bodies in the process of use

pure handcraft enables products to complete the transformation from industrial products to handicrafts: the treatment of board surfaces and edges and corners is completed by hand. There are 26 kinds of manual techniques, including blunt, grinding, scraping, drilling, carving, knocking, spraying, dyeing, jumping, etc., which form thousands of finished product effects through combination

in the future, lifehome will always adhere to the working standard of "striving for perfection" and take the ability of continuous innovation as its business characteristics. Lifehome will provide consumers with more high-quality and classic products and more perfect and noble services in the field of household wood products

lifehome flooring brand DNA

restore reality from philosophy. In the understanding of lifehome, the meaning of life lies in "goodwill of life": goodwill of life = time + horizon + emotion

responsibility is the motive force and driving force of "goodwill of life", emotion is the core of the expression of "goodwill of life", and time and horizon are the tools and coordinates of the expression of "goodwill of life". My life, my home what is life? What is home? Everyone has his own unique understanding. In fact, why seek an answer? My life has its own ideas. As long as I manage it with my heart, whether it's wonderful or plain, at home, I will have the life I want. Living "at home" is my life doctrine

home hotline comments: the living home floor reinterprets the definition of the floor. It is a new luxury. It leads the thought with style. If you want to be more luxurious than ordinary products, it always lacks a trace of connotation. The luxury of the living home is to get rid of the shackles of tradition, pursue the true self, and return the original thought

note: the above information comes from the floor of living home





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