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There are a lot of PVC gusset ceiling, which are light in weight, moisture-proof, not easy to burn, easy to clean, low in price, many kinds of patterns and colors, and so on. They are very suitable for ceiling decoration in kitchens and bathrooms. They are also the mainstream materials for ceilings in kitchens, bathrooms and other places at present. Many owners' homes are also the preferred PVC gusset ceiling. Today, Xiaobian will talk about the installation process and precautions of PVC gusset ceiling, and provide the acceptance standard of PVC gusset ceiling for your reference

pvc gusset ceiling has a lot of advantages, such as light weight, moisture resistance, not easy to burn, easy to clean, low price, many kinds of patterns and colors, etc. it is very suitable for ceiling decoration in kitchens and bathrooms. It is also the mainstream material for ceilings in kitchens and bathrooms. Many owners also choose PVC gusset ceiling first. Today, Xiaobian will talk about the installation process and precautions of PVC gusset ceiling, and provide the acceptance standard of PVC gusset ceiling for your reference

pvc gusset ceiling installation process

pvc gusset ceiling installation process:

pvc gusset keel horizontal line → Determine the installation direction of plates and keels → Install hanging bars and large cranes → Install the main keel → Install side keel → Install triangle keel → Install PVC gusset plate → Cleaning and protection → Acceptance

pvc gusset ceiling installation steps:

1. Snap lines on the surrounding walls according to the design elevation. The snapping lines should be clear and accurate, and the allowable horizontal deviation ± 5mm。

2. Fix the side keel along the elevation line. The function of the side keel is to seal the edge of the ceiling. The common specification of the side keel is 25*25mm, and its color should be the same as that of the PVC gusset plate. The side keel is mostly fixed on the wall column with cement nails

3. Determine the keel position line, because each PVC gusset plate is a formed decorative panel, and generally cannot be cut into blocks. In order to ensure the integrity and installation reliability of the ceiling finish, it is necessary to arrange the structural size of the ceiling skeleton according to the size specification of the aluminum gusset plate and the area size of the ceiling. The basic layout of PVC gusset plate finish is: the plate combination should be complete. When leaving edges around, the edges should be symmetrical and uniform around, and the position line of the arranged keel frame should be drawn on the top of the elevation line

4. The distance between the lifting points of the main keel shall be selected according to the series recommended by the design. The middle part shall be arched, and the arched height of the keel shall not be less than 1/200 of the room surface span. The position and height of the main keel shall be corrected in time after installation. To control the leveling of the keel frame, first pull out the vertical and horizontal elevation control line, start from one end, and adjust the suspension height of the suspender while installing. After the large surface is leveled, adjust some single keels with curved edges until the flatness meets the requirements

5. The suspender should be straight and have sufficient bearing capacity. When the suspender needs to be lengthened, it must be overlapped and welded firmly, and the weld is even and full. Rust proof treatment shall be carried out. The distance between the suspender and the end of the main keel shall not exceed 300mm. Otherwise, suspenders shall be added to prevent the main keel from falling. The secondary keel (middle keel or small keel, the same below) shall be installed close to the main keel

6. Comprehensively correct the position and levelness of the main and secondary keels. The connectors should be installed in a staggered manner. Check the installed ceiling framework, which should be firm and reliable. The next construction can be carried out only after it meets the relevant specifications

7. When installing PVC gusset, straighten the secondary bone. The gusset plate shall be flat without warping, and the flatness error of the ceiling plane shall not exceed 5mm

precautions for PVC gusset ceiling installation

1. After the wall tiles of kitchen and bathroom are pasted, the gusset manufacturer's personnel can be notified to conduct door-to-door measurement

2. Electric water heater and gas water heater are installed in place And reserve power lines for lighting, ventilation, etc

3. Before installing the ceiling, buy Yuba exhaust fan (not required for the integrated ceiling) and take it to the site The opening position of the smoke pipe of the range hood shall be determined with the cabinet manufacturer

4. If the ceiling lamp is embedded, you should also buy it and take it to the scene. Ordinary ones are not needed

5. Please determine the installation position of the above electrical appliances so that the installation workers can make holes

6. At present, the top edge of most balcony kitchen and bathroom windows is lower than the size of the ceiling. Please prepare another wood board (or kitchen cabinet board) so that the ceiling installer can seal the edges of these parts

pvc gusset ceiling installation acceptance standard

1. All kinds of keel ceiling must be fixed firmly. After fixing, comprehensive inspection and leveling should be carried out, and the installation position should be checked whether it is correct

2. The variety, specification, color, base structure and fixing method of materials used in ceiling works shall meet the design requirements

3. The wood frame structure of the ceiling shall meet the fire protection requirements

4. The specifications of the timbers used for the wood skeleton should be in accordance with the design requirements. The timbers should be glued and fixed with nails. The side in contact with the PVC gusset plate must be planed

5. The PVC gusset plate shall be free of defects such as bubbles, peeling, cracks, missing corners, dirt and pattern defects. The surface shall be flat, the edges shall be neat, and the color shall be consistent; The hole spacing of perforated plates shall be arranged neatly, and plywood and wood fiber board shall not be degummed, discolored and rotten

6. When the PVC gusset plate needs to be pasted or painted, the joint should be painted with white latex and pasted with fine cotton cloth, and the two sides of the joint should be overlapped at least 5mm

7. When painting varnish on the glued board surface, the wood grain and color of the adjacent board surface should be similar; If plywood and medium density fiberboard are fixed with nails, the nail distance is 80-100mm and the nail length is 25-35mm. The nail cap should be flattened and enter the board surface for 0.5-1mm, and the nail hole should be smoothed with oily putty

conclusion: PVC gusset ceiling is one of the mainstream decorative materials for kitchen and bathroom ceiling at present, but there are many products on the market. When purchasing, you should also pay attention to check the quality and select qualified PVC gusset ceiling. The above is the installation process and precautions of PVC gusset ceiling arranged by Xiaobian for you. In addition, there are acceptance standards for PVC gusset ceiling installation, which I hope will be helpful to you. For more information, please look forward to it




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