Vanke Hongjun young couple 250000 suits 210 square

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This case is a design case of a 210 square meter large house. The owner is a young couple. The hostess is going to have a baby. The couple want to build a warm sunshine home for five people. The owners have very high requirements for decoration. Both houses are recommended by the decoration bidding company. I am satisfied and relieved! Now let's follow Xiaobian's camera and have a look

decoration owner's file:

decoration owner's community: Wanke Hongjun decoration area: 210 square meters decoration house type: 4 rooms and 2 halls decoration company: participating in the decoration bidding recommendation company (decoration bidding) decoration style: simple style decoration cost: 250000 (half package, excluding furniture and household appliances)

plan house type drawing

the living room, dining room and porch use off white polished bricks, and the light tone floor tiles make the lighting of the whole space better, Meet the requirements of warm sunshine home required by the householder

crystal mosaic is used at the edge of the whole household floor tile, highlighting different spaces and avoiding the monotony of using the same floor tile in a large area




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