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The national development and Reform Commission has released the cleaner production indicators for pulp and paper industry. The national development and Reform Commission has recently released and implemented seven industry cleaner production evaluation indicator systems, including the cleaner production evaluation and current price indicator system for the use of reinforcement materials in the pulp and paper industry (Trial)

this index system is used to evaluate the cleaner production level of pulp and paper enterprises, and serves as the main basis for using microcomputer to stop real-time control and create a cleaner advanced production enterprise. The purpose is to guide and promote pulp and paper enterprises to implement cleaner production according to law, improve resource utilization, reduce and avoid pollutants, and protect and improve the environment

according to the principle requirements of cleaner production and the measurability of indicators, the evaluation index system is divided into two parts: quantitative evaluation and qualitative requirements. According to the scores obtained from the comprehensive evaluation, the cleaner production level of the enterprise is divided into two levels, that is, the "advanced cleaner production enterprise 1 can generally output these 8 items" representing the domestic advanced level, and the "cleaner production enterprise" representing the domestic general level. (zhouzaifeng) (27l3)

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