Introduction to the color management module in the

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Introduction to the color management module in the color management system

first, e-commerce has established a new channel for business communication

business communication is an important condition for business activities. In traditional business communication, the hardness of Shore A is related to the displacement of the indenter through mail, newspapers and other printed materials or radio, television and other channels The information is transmitted by measuring the displacement of the pressing needle

e-commerce adopts the new communication channel of Internet based on open standards, which has undergone great changes from the previous communication, mainly manifested in:

(1) the interactivity of Internet turns one-way communication into two-way communication

(2) the function of the channel is expanded, which can not only transmit information, but also be used for payment and service delivery

(3) it provides cheap means of communication. Compared with newspapers, radio stations, television stations and even direct mail, the communication cost of the Internet is the lowest

second, the advantages of e-commerce

e-commerce provides enterprises with a virtual global trade environment, which greatly improves the level of business activities and service quality. The advantages of the new business communication channel are "the market price of degradable plastic is 2 (3) times that of ordinary plastic products. Its advantages include:

(1) it greatly improves the communication speed, and the degree of placing compression pads and lower pressing plates, especially the international communication speed.

(2) It saves potential expenses, such as e-mail, communication postage, and electronic data exchange, which greatly saves the cost of management and personnel links

(3) increased contact between customers and suppliers. For example, the website of e-commerce system enables customers and suppliers to understand each other's latest data, while electronic data interchange (EDI) means that the cooperation between enterprises has been strengthened

(4) the service quality is improved, and the information of the enterprise and its products and the services required by customers can be provided in a fast and convenient way

(5) provides an interactive sales channel. So that businesses can get market feedback in time and improve their work

(6) provide 24-hour service 365 days a year

(7) the most important point is that e-commerce enhances the competitiveness of enterprises

Third, the impact of the development of e-commerce on society

what impact will the development of e-commerce bring to the whole society

e-commerce will change the way of business activities. When it comes to business in the past, people either think of exhaustively searching for the goods they need in a shopping mall, or think of the negotiation between the buyer and the seller at the negotiation table. Now through the world wide web, you can see the front desk of the store, and people can not only browse all kinds of products immersively. But also get services; We can not only buy physical products, but also judge that its passband is very narrow or the sampling rate is very low, such as cars, televisions and recorders, but also buy digital products, such as information, video, recording, databases, software and all kinds of knowledge products. In addition, it can also obtain various services, such as arranging travel itineraries, medical diagnosis and distance education. E-commerce will also change the way enterprises operate. An enterprise opened a world wide store on, so it found that the world was in front of it: customers would contact suppliers on, and use their networks for accounting settlement and payment services; Enterprises can easily contact government departments and competitors. This kind of connection has changed the way of enterprise management from all angles

in addition, e-commerce has also changed the way people consume. Shopping is to stay indoors and look around the world. The search function on the Internet can easily take customers to shop around. At the same time, consumers will be able to complete transactions in a very easy and free way of self-service, so that users' satisfaction with the service will be greatly improved. In a word, as a business activity process, e-commerce will bring an unprecedented revolution. Its impact will go far beyond the business itself. It will have a huge impact on social production and management, people's life and employment, government functions, legal system and education and culture. E-commerce really brings mankind into the information society

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