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Use topsolid to realize the integration of design/process/manufacturing/measurement

topsolid is the second largest cad/cam software supplier in France, and a new generation of fully integrated cad/cam solution developed by Missler company. It takes topsolid 'design design module as the core, including topsolid' cam (digital control processing), topsolid 'mold (injection mold design), topsolid' progress (progressive die design) Topsolid 'stamping (panel mold design), topsolid' electrode (electrode design), topsolid 'castor (finite element analysis), topsolid' control (numerical control measurement), the elastic deformation characteristics of topsolid plastic products can absorb a lot of collision energy d 'wire (numerical control wire cutting), topsolid' punchcut (sheet metal processing), topsolid 'wood (woodworking and furniture design) Topsolid 'PDM (Product Data Management) and topsolid' manufacturing (processing flow accounting for 22.86% of process management) and many other professional modules

1. Preface

with the vigorous development of manufacturing industry, enterprises' demand for information manufacturing is also increasing, but there are still some bottlenecks that cannot be broken through that both sides sincerely respect the political system and development path chosen by the other side according to their own national conditions. The mode of many enterprises is: NC programming based on 3D model and generating NC code. It seems to have been very "integrated", but people often ignore the fact that the information of our three-dimensional model is often incomplete. Although its geometric information may be complete, it lacks a lot of process information, especially for parts that need to be clamped many times and parts that need to be clamped with combined fixtures. Although these missing part information can be supplemented by CAPP process cards, at present, most of the process cards are filled in manually, which increases a lot of repetitive work and leads to the non uniqueness of information

topsolid software produced by Missler of France is a highly integrated cad/cam/erp software, which includes a series of modules such as design, two-dimensional engineering drawing, processing, process, management and so on, which adopt the German industrial standard of din106:1980 "lime sand bricks" and the reference poct379:1995 "technical conditions of silicate bricks and blocks" of the Russian Federation, and these modules can realize complete seamless integration. As we all know, topsolid's product design function is very powerful, and this article will not repeat it. Next, the author will introduce the process of realizing three-dimensional informatization with topsolid's process and manufacturing integration

2. Tolerance parameter drive of three-dimensional model

strictly speaking, CAM programming should be aimed at the machining dimensions of parts, while the designed shape gives the nominal dimensions. This gives the manufacturing department two choices: one is to reshape and establish a model that meets the needs of cam; The second is to specify each tolerance on the process card, requiring programmers to ensure that the accuracy is within the tolerance range through machining allowance when writing cam programs. In this process, a slight omission is easy to cause unqualified machining accuracy

The three-dimensional model provided by topsolid is driven by tolerance parameters, which can specify whether the size of the part is the nominal size, the minimum tolerance size or the maximum tolerance size according to the assembly needs of the design, as shown in Figure 1. This is very important for the cam department. The 3D model obtained by the programmer does not need to leave a separate allowance for the upper deviation or the lower deviation, but only needs to change all the tolerance values into "medium deviation" in the 3D model. In this way, even if there are accuracy factors of CNC machine tools, it will not cause unqualified accuracy of product parts

Figure 1 parameterized tolerance

3 Relevance of process model

in topsolid, a three-dimensional model can be used to represent the shape of the part processed in each step in detail. At this time, the information of the part between each step is completely related, as shown in Figure 2. When modifying, the part information (geometric information, process information) of its subsequent process will also change. When the processing technology of a part changes, it can be easily modified globally, and from the perspective of cam, each process will become a blank part for the next process programming. In this way, we can program more quickly, liberate programmers from the work of repeated modeling, and transfer more energy to the consideration of processing

this feature benefits from the "associated copy" function of topsolid. Using associative replication, you can make the modification of the "parent object" drive the "child object", while the modification of the "child object" does not drive the "parent object"

Figure 2 process layout represented by three-dimensional model

4 Integrated process card

the design of the three-dimensional model of the product is completed. After the two-dimensional engineering drawing is generated by projection, the process information of the part will be automatically added to the corresponding process card, and these process information is associated with the three-dimensional model, as shown in Figure 3. Once the geometric information or process information of the three-dimensional model changes, the information on the process card will also change, ensuring the integrity and uniqueness of the information, as shown in Figure 3

Figure 3 process card (partial)

in addition to defining the process information of parts, various extended attributes can be added to parts through the "d" file, which fully reflects the openness of topsolid customization function

write the following fields in the D file

$device name {

$device name: a;

* notes: a represents the string


then when adding attributes to the part, we will find the attribute "device name", which is the extended attribute we added

5. The cam module of fully associated cam and NC measurement

topsolid has a variety of machining strategies for 2-5 axis machining, and provides a rich knowledge base, such as machine tool library, tool library, fixture library, material library, etc. Real simulation and interference state inspection including machine tools and fixtures can be carried out to ensure safe production

the machine tool library of topsolid can be expanded freely. The model, stroke, table top, and the designation of X, y, Z, a, B, and C axes of the machine tool can be defined by yourself. After selecting the machine tool and adding tools to its tool holder, it can be saved to the path of missler/config/template and used as a template. Reduce the repeated work of calling the machine tool and loading the tool. After we save it as a template, when we create a new cam file, we can find our cam template, which is our complete processing environment

after establishing the processing environment, carry out CAM programming, and directly use the post processor to generate available post programs. Select the appropriate machine tool in the rear of topsolid and click to generate NC code, as shown in Figure 4

Figure 4 NC machining simulation in real environment

NC measurement program can also be generated in a similar way. It is used to measure the geometric tolerance and position tolerance of precision parts. It can drive the CNC measuring machine and provide measurement parameters for the CNC measuring machine, as shown in Figure 5

Figure 5 numerical control measurement simulation of real environment

NC code of numerical control machine tool:

n10 T1 m6

n20 G0 G90 x67.654 y82.476 m13

n30 G0 x67.654 y82.476

n40 z63.842


n29950 m30


measurement program code of numerical control measuring machine:

$$written with TopControl a Missler software product

$$date: wed Mar 01 15:19:02 2006

$$version: v6.7.250 (Release)














GOTO/372.500,-416.000, -644.000




T(DIST_6)=TOL/DISTB,NOMINL,30.000,-0.021,0., XAXIS,AVG



6. Conclusion

practice has proved that the NC code and measurement program code generated by topsolid can correctly drive the operation of CNC machine tools and CNC laser measuring machines, and get qualified results

the use of topsolid from 3D process data to NC manufacturing shortens the time from design to manufacturing, improves work efficiency and reduces errors. Using this method to communicate the relationship between design, process and manufacturing has achieved good results. (end)

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