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Corrugated box base paper and performance introduction

I. the type of base paper of corrugated board

is divided into face paper and corrugated paper. This is based on their position at the break of the corrugated board structure. The same kind of paper is called corrugated paper or core paper if it is used to make corrugated paper or core paper

II. Manufacturing methods and uses of paperboard and corrugated base paper

III. classification of carton paper and corrugated paper

carton paper: five grades A, B, C, D and e according to GB standard. A is set as the highest level and E is set as the lowest level. Its performance parameters and indicators are different at each level

the main technical indicators are: 1. Quantitative (unit: g/㎡) 2. Tightness (unit: g/cm23) 3. Folding resistance (unit: Times) 4. Bursting resistance (unit: kPa) 5. Water absorption (unit: g/㎡) 6. Moisture (unit:%) 7. Ring compression strength (unit: n · ㎡/g)

corrugated base paper: according to the standard of G called yield point or yield strength B, it is divided into four levels a, B, C and D

the main technical indicators are: the lower device has an upper pressure plate 1. Quantitative (unit: g/㎡) 2. Tightness (unit: g/cm23) 3. Burst resistance (unit: kPa) 4. Tension resistance (unit: n) 5. Ring compression strength (unit: n · ㎡/g)

IV. performance requirements of corrugated base paper

1. High speed fitting adaptability

in recent years, the speed of manufacturing corrugated board has become faster and faster, so the high-speed fitting of corrugated board, It also becomes more and more important. In order to withstand high-speed fit, corrugated base paper, especially corrugated paper, must be strong and soft

2. Uniformity

when a part of the strength is low when it is put on the machine and made into a corrugated box, the weight will concentrate on this weak part, reducing the overall strength of the corrugated box. The uniformity mainly includes uneven paper thickness and uneven moisture

3. Strength

the strength of paperboard is expressed through its unique structural form, that is, only when there is a certain problem between the surface and the tile paper, can it show its due strength. From the perspective of material mechanics, it is required that the cross section of the paperboard must have a large "inertia distance". If the flat compression strength (CMT) is too low, it should be checked every 1 (3) months according to the use situation. The oil volume cannot maintain the distance between two sheets of paper. Even if the strength of the face paper is very high, the corrugated board produced will not be improved, so the corrugated paper must have high strength (CMT)

4. Appearance

the face paper shall be free of stains, cracks, holes, spots, uneven color, uneven fiber arrangement, and pulp spots

5. Cracks

in addition to the quality of the printing paper itself, cracks will occur due to improper temperature and humidity, atmospheric environment and use methods. If the tile paper is too hard and the surface paper is too poor, cracks or fractures will occur. In dry winter, the corrugated board of the outer packaging is easy to crack or break

6. Moisture uniformity

the moisture content in corrugated paper should be uniform, which is of the same importance as that of facial paper. However, because it is lighter and thinner than facial paper, it is required to complete the forming and bonding of corrugated at a high production speed, so the moisture content should be more uniform

7. Formability

the corrugated paper forming process should meet various complex conditions, but the decisive condition is to form accurately, and the corrugated is not easy to deform. Usually, people call it operational adaptability

8. Easy bonding

the bonding process of corrugated paper after the zero adjustment of the dial indicator is a very important process in corrugated paper production. In particular, the bonding process between single-sided corrugated paper and facial paper should be completed quickly in 1/200 second on the high-speed corrugated forming machine. In such a short time, it is the primary condition that corrugated paper must have to ensure that the corrugated paper is firmly bonded and the shape remains unchanged

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