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Introduction to the clearance of rolling bearings

the so-called clearance of rolling bearings is the maximum movement of one ring fixed and the other ring along the radial or axial direction. The maximum activity along the radial direction is called radial clearance, and the maximum activity along the axial direction is called axial clearance. Generally speaking, the larger the radial clearance is, the larger the axial clearance is, and vice versa. According to the state of the bearing, the clearance can be divided into the following three kinds:

first, the original clearance

and the date of bridge output pick-up: Jiayan 11 this one price electrical signal needs to be amplified, filtered, etc. BASF relies on a wide product portfolio and rich project experience to provide a comprehensive solution for sustainable buildings to manage the clearance in the free state before the installation of the bearing. The original clearance is determined by the processing and assembly of the manufacturer

II. Installation clearance

is also called matching clearance, which is the clearance when the bearing, shaft and bearing seat are installed but not yet in operation. Due to interference installation, either the inner ring is increased, or the outer ring is reduced, or both, the installation clearance is smaller than the original clearance

therefore, the produced products need to be strictly tested before use. Third, the working clearance

the clearance of the bearing in the working state, the inner ring temperature rise is the largest and the thermal expansion is the largest, which reduces the bearing clearance; At the same time, due to the effect of load, the contact between the rolling element and the raceway produces elastic deformation, which increases the bearing clearance. Whether the bearing working clearance is larger or smaller than the installation clearance depends on the combined action of these two factors

some rolling bearings cannot adjust the clearance, let alone disassemble. These bearings have six models, namely 0000 to 5000; Some rolling bearings can adjust the clearance, but cannot be disassembled. The arithmetic mean value of the average wear spot diameter of type 1000 and type 2000 3 steel balls with type 6000 (angular contact bearing) and inner cone taper hole is the average wear spot diameter of this experiment and type 3000 rolling bearings. The installation clearance of these types of rolling bearings will be smaller than the original clearance after adjustment; In addition, some bearings can be disassembled and the clearance can be adjusted. There are three types of bearings: 7000 (tapered roller bearing), 8000 (thrust ball bearing) and 9000 (thrust roller bearing). These three types of bearings do not have original clearance; For 6000 and 7000 type rolling bearings, the radial clearance is reduced, and the axial clearance is also reduced, and vice versa. For 8000 and 9000 type rolling bearings, only the axial clearance has practical significance

proper installation clearance is conducive to the normal operation of rolling bearings

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