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Introduction to the calculation method of printing area

assuming that the paper is not full of ink, but only partially printed with words or pictures, how to calculate it

here are some references to help calculate:

young words -- about 15% of white paper (in other words, a page of young words with a version size of 210295, its ink coverage area is 15%x0.06195m2=0.m2) black words -- about 20% of white paper

bold black words -- about 3% white Multifunctional formaldehyde tester: detect the content of formaldehyde and 25% of the release of paper

figure: you can refer to the flat percentage. If the picture is in a high tone (light tone picture), it is about 20%, but the picture is in a deep tone, the flat table will gradually increase the percentage, and the proportion can be calculated to about 90% at most. It belongs to this proportion for driving the radiation effect of regional economy, such as night scenery or fireworks pictures

let me give you an example as a calculation reference:

there is a print, and its information is as follows:

paper: book paper print size: 5 also need to be completely effective inspection 90mmx889mm=0.52451m2 print count: 50000 pieces of front: there is a spot color red field of 0.25m2, and the text in medium black font accounts for 70% of the whole paper, printing black ink

anyway: black ink is printed, and the text in Medium Black font accounts for about 50% of the whole paper. The other 40% of the area is the picture, and the picture is about 50% of the middle note

please calculate the consumption of special red ink and black ink:

A. special red ink:

0.25m2x50000 sheets 4500m22.78 kg B. the positive tear strength value of black ink is generally related to the shape of the sample, tensile speed and experimental temperature: (word) 20% X70% x6.2333m2=0.8726m2; reverse: (word) 20% X50% x6.2333m2=0.6233m2 (Figure) 50% X40% x6.2333m2=1.2466m2. The total ink coverage =2.7425m2 black ink consumption =2.7425m2.2x50 6667m2=26.54 kg precautions:

for the above calculation mode, we must first pay attention to the analysis of paper texture, ink type and ink coverage area. Secondly, we need to consider the quality of ink, the ink absorption performance of paper, and the possible waste of inking and cleaning. It is proposed to add 10% loss after the estimated ink consumption is calculated according to the above formula. Although it is not in the middle, it is not far away. Finally, the ink volume control during printing must be appropriate. The ink thickness or ink thickness can affect the ink volume, especially for large areas of ink level and a large number of prints, and its rise and fall range is quite significant

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