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Introduction to the characteristics of cryogenic treatment technology

cryogenic treatment technology is a new process to improve the performance of metal workpiece rising in recent years. The so-called cryogenic treatment is to use liquid nitrogen (-196 ℃) as the cooling medium to continue the cooling process of quenched metal materials to a temperature far below room temperature, so as to promote the further transformation of residual austenite existing after conventional heat treatment, so as to improve the properties of metal materials. After cryogenic treatment, the wear resistance, toughness and dimensional stability of metal workpiece can be significantly improved, and the service life of workpiece can be doubled

it completely changes the function that the gas turbine can only be easily converted into other hardness values for emergency standby power supply and peak shaving unit at the beginning.

the improvement effect of cryogenic treatment technology is to penetrate into the interior of the treated parts (overall effect), not limited to the surface, so when regrinding and reusing the cutting tools, the modification effect of the workpiece will not be invalid; It will not change the shape and size of the workpiece, but also enhance the dimensional stability and reduce the quenching stress; The process system is simple, with less power consumption, not limited by the shape and size of the workpiece, and easy to operate; Without any environmental pollution, it is a completely environment-friendly technology

as soon as the cryogenic treatment technology appeared, it attracted great attention from the scientific research community and the industrial community, and has been applied abroad. "Zhizhaohui, chairman of Changzhou longjuntian pure Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., told first finance and economics about the modification of cutting tools, measuring tools, molds and precision parts, such as the nozzle of the oil pump, the turbine shaft of the engine, rolls, valves, gears, springs and other workpieces. The application of cryogenic modification technology is gradually getting the attention and development of the business community. The experimental results and achievements obtained so far show that cryogenic modification technology can be applied in the following aspects:

1, the improvement of the service life of high-speed steel tools, cutting tools and measuring tools

2, the improvement of the service life of cemented carbide tools and cutting tools

3. The service life of cemented carbide bits and drilling tools is improved

4. The performance of diamond products is improved, such as the improvement of thermal stability of artificial diamond, artificial diamond mining bit, diamond Φ The performance of 105mm saw blade is improved

5. The hammer performance of diamond hot press is improved

6 according to the actual situation, the size of assembly parts of precision machinery is stable

7, the performance of carbon fiber filament is improved

8. The service life of oil nozzle, spring, gear and bearing is improved

9. The service life of hot working dies and cold working dies in the machinery manufacturing industry is improved. (end)

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