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Introduction to the automatic management system of the underground parking lot of intercontinental building

InterContinental building is a large 5A intelligent commercial building invested and built by Beijing Dixin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., with a construction area of more than 70000 square meters, of which the second and third floors underground are parking garages, with about 400 parking spaces, the garage entrance on the first floor is a car elevator, and the ring driveway on the east side is the garage exit. The special feature of this garage is that its entrance is not an ordinary lane, but a vertical car lift. Cars enter the car lift at the entrance and are transported to the designated floors by the car lift. In order to make the garage more convenient, safe and efficient for garage users, we have made the following design

first, all vehicles will be managed automatically. Internal vehicles will rent car cards, and charging vehicles will receive temporary car cards at the entrance. All internal vehicles are parked in fixed parking spaces on the second floor underground, and all temporary vehicles are parked in billable parking spaces on the third floor underground. Induction card reader, automatic card issuer, car stopper, Chinese and English electronic display screen, car full light box, color camera and other equipment are installed at the entrance

inductive card reader, central management computer, POS machine, car stopper, Chinese and English electronic display screen and other equipment are installed at the exit

the internal vehicle checks the card directly at the entrance, and the temporary vehicle should operate the automatic card issuing machine to obtain the temporary card. For temporary vehicles, vehicles can only enter if the full light box is displayed

after the vehicle checks the card at the entrance, the image capture system records the color image of the vehicle through the camera, the car stopper lifts the stop arm, and at the same time, it transmits the signal of the floor to which the vehicle carrying elevator should go through the query database. After the vehicle drives out of the car elevator, the induction coil outside the elevator gives a closing signal. After the car elevator closes, return to the first floor and wait for the next car

when the vehicle leaves the garage, it should also check the card at the card checking machine. The computer screen in the sentry box will immediately show the photo of the vehicle entering the garage for the attendant to check. For temporary vehicles, after the system software confirms that the car card is correct, the fees that should be paid are calculated according to its entry time and current time, according to the charge rate preset by the staff (which can be adjusted arbitrarily), and the LED display screen will display the parking fees that should be paid at the same time. After the driver pays the fee, gives the commercial bill and confirms it, the attendant can open the car stopper for release, and the fee can be recorded in the host machine for verification; For internal vehicles, the system can set whether to release them after being confirmed by the attendant. If the temporary vehicle follows the internal vehicle, the system will send an alarm to inform the administrator to deal with it. When the vehicle enters normally, the LED screen at the entrance displays the number of floors and parking spaces to stop; When the vehicle drives out normally, the exit LED screen displays the amount payable to the temporary vehicle and greetings to the internal vehicle. The staff will rent and issue monthly tickets, seasonal tickets, VIP cards (with a certain deposit) and stored value cards (charged per time) according to certain rules at the designated place (for example, when there is a phenomenon of yielding, the coke price in the central control Pingdingshan area will be reduced by 30 yuan). According to the user's situation, each card can be set to be valid at any time (year, month, day of week, morning and evening time, entrance and exit, etc.). At the same time, input the computer owner's name and other identity. The bubble film has a number of characteristic information and parking space number. When each car enters the garage, the system will automatically close the permission of the card's library, and give the card the permission when the sensor is pulled P, that is, it can only enter after the car drives out. It can prevent repeated entry with this card. Of course, there is the same mechanism at the exit to prevent multiple uses of one card. After parking, the owner should carry his car card with him to prevent losing his car and stealing

when the card expires or is lost, the owner should notify the management personnel in time to report the loss, continue or return it. The leased card can be recovered and reused. Each card can be used for more than ten years

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