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ZTE helped Hunan Provincial Public Security Department in remote video communication, command and scheduling

in the golden autumn of September, ZTE announced that it had won the bid for the provincial high-definition video conference project of Hunan Provincial Public Security Department. The high-definition video conference project of Hunan Public Security Department covered 6 provincial level venues (including fire brigade, traffic police brigade, Airport Public Security Bureau, etc.) The secondary venues of 14 municipal and prefecture sub bureaus and the tertiary venues of 125 District, county and city sub bureaus can meet the port access of subordinate units of the sub bureaus and the meeting management functions of the sub bureaus, realize the overall video conference communication, and each city can independently hold video conferences with subordinate District, County and city public security sub bureaus, and realize the audio and video recording of the meeting process by each bureau

the high-definition video conference scheme of the public security system provided by ZTE will be used for provincial video conferences, remote case discussions, scheduling training meetings, etc., which can further improve work efficiency and reduce the time cost and conference expenses of grass-roots units across the province. The system complies with national technical specifications and relevant standards, is compatible with national video conference system and standard definition video conference television system MCU, and can meet the requirements of high-definition video conference (production line) name, specification, model and quantity held by Hunan Provincial Public Security Department and Municipal Bureau, District, county and City Branch, and other video business

after the implementation of the project, the provincial and municipal video conference platforms support 1080p60 access to each channel of images, and the provincial and county conference room terminals support 1080p60 conference effects, meeting the image quality requirements of the video conference system of Hunan Provincial Public Security Department. ZTE's high-definition MCU system covering the whole province can enable the backup system to quickly take over the meeting when the main equipment fails, so as to ensure the continuity and stability of the business video conference system. At the same time, the video conference and monitoring integration system is responsible for scheduling and managing the monitoring images transmitted from all over the country, and scheduling the monitoring images to the high-definition video conference through ZTE monitoring integration customs, so as to timely query the corresponding monitoring images in case of emergency command or case tracking, so as to ensure the safety of people's life, production and property. The system will effectively improve the quality and efficiency of the teleconference held by the Hunan Provincial Public Security Department, improve the system stability and emergency processing capacity of 27.3613 million tons and 24.5219 million tons imported from Australia and Indonesia respectively

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