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The two heads of state exchanged in-depth views and reached important consensus on China US relations and international issues of common concern in a frank and friendly atmosphere. The two sides agreed that the market demand for polyurethane for reciprocal automotive interior materials will also stimulate cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, manage and control differences on the basis of mutual respect, and jointly promote China US relations based on coordination, cooperation and stability The two heads of state agreed to continue to maintain close exchanges in various ways and jointly lead the development direction of China US relations. The two sides will exchange visits again in due course. The two sides agreed to strengthen dialogue and cooperation in various fields and enhance educational and people to people and cultural exchanges. Trump said that the United States welcomes Chinese students to study in the United States. The two sides agreed to take positive actions to strengthen cooperation in law enforcement and drug control, including the control of fentanyl substances. The measures China has taken so far have been fully affirmed by the international community, including the United States. China has decided to regulate fentanyl in a whole category and start the adjustment of relevant regulations

the two heads of state also exchanged views on the comprehensive hiant services on major international and regional issues such as the Korean Peninsula. China supports the US DPRK leaders to meet again, and hopes that the US and the DPRK will meet each other, take care of each other's reasonable concerns, and promote the complete denuclearization of the peninsula and the establishment of a peace mechanism on the peninsula. The United States appreciates the positive role played by China and hopes to maintain communication and coordination with China in this regard

The two heads of state agreed that the meeting was very successful. Both sides agreed to maintain close contact

Ding Xuexiang, Liu He, Yang Jiechi, Wang Yi, he Lifeng, as well as US Secretary of state pompeio, Treasury Secretary manuchin and many other senior US government officials attended

at 10:31 p.m. local time on the 1st, about 0:00 before the experiment, State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi held a briefing for Chinese and foreign media on the China US dollar summit. Wangyi said at the meeting that the discussions between China and the United States on economic and trade issues were very positive and constructive. The two heads of state reached a consensus to stop imposing new tariffs on each other

(China and the United States) the working teams of the two sides will intensify consultations towards the elimination of all tariff increases in accordance with the principled consensus reached by the two heads of state

China is willing to expand imports according to the needs of the domestic market and people, including buying marketable goods from the United States, and gradually alleviate the problem of trade imbalance

Both sides believe that the principle consensus reached at this meeting is of great significance, which not only effectively prevented the further expansion of economic and trade frictions, but only studied excellence and opened up new prospects for win-win cooperation between the two sides; It is not only conducive to the development of China and the United States and the well-being of their people, but also conducive to the stable growth of the world economy and the interests of all countries

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