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ZTE president Shi Lirong meets with EU vice president committed to 5g development and innovation

at the EU headquarters in Brussels, ZTE president Shi Lirong met with EU vice president Carlos moedas, and expressed their willingness to join the EU 5g innovation research and contribute to h2020. Mr. Carlos moedas, vice president of the European Union, said that ZTE was welcome to participate in the h2020 plan. The European Union was carrying out research and future development of digital technology. ZTE was welcome to participate. At the same time, he hoped that ZTE would make more investment in the European market. At present, China has cooperation in all aspects of the EU, and the priority of cooperation is very high

ZTE, as the leader of technological innovation, has always taken independent technological innovation as the company's strategy. 10% of its annual income is invested in the field of new technological innovation and pre research, and actively participates in technological innovation, standard formulation and technological commerce in 2G, 3G and 4G fields, creating great value for customers

as the world's leading supplier of 4G equipment and solutions, ZTE is committed to 5g technology research and development and practice, leading the commercial process of 5g technology and establishing a 5g pioneer role. At the just concluded 2015mwc conference, ZTE showed the world's first pre 5g massive MIMO commercial base station based on technology accumulation and exclusive innovation, and conducted a business demonstration on site. Using the existing 4G commercial terminal, the Congresswoman was deeply impressed by the amount of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection achieved by using 128 antennas based on 4G single carrier to obtain 400Mbps network capacity

as the main plastic of 4G standard is only one fourth of steel, ZTE is the main player to promote 5g technology and standards. There are many entrepreneurs coming to the competition, including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, returnees, winners of the thousand talents plan, top domestic experts and other important innovators. ZTE sincerely hopes to contribute to the h2020 project and the global 5g standard through joint efforts with other suppliers. At the same time, ZTE is also willing to invite European suppliers and other ICT companies to participate in China's current and future research and innovation projects and technology forums

Shi Lirong, President of ZTE, said: Europe has always been the strategic key market of ZTE. As early as 2002, ZTE established the first European Research Institute in Sweden, and then successively established institutions such as research institutes and service companies in France, Germany, Spain and other countries, indicating ZTE's determination to develop in Europe for a long time. ZTE recognizes the importance of the new EU investment plan. Its core is scientific research and innovation. ZTE has its own unique advantages and experience in technological innovation. We are very willing to participate in practical projects of scientific research and innovation, including horizon2020 and 5gpp

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