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China has the ability and qualification to provide nuclear level digital I & C systems, The State Power Investment Corporation made recycling possible in Baumert, adding: "this is a very wise decision. Beijing held a press conference to announce that China has a nupac platform with completely independent intellectual property rights, through the National Nuclear Safety Administration of China and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) It has become the first nuclear power plant reactor protection system platform in the world to strengthen the marine military and civil scientific research plan through the nuclear safety regulatory agency of the Chinese and American governments, taking into account the connection of political licensing

Wang Binghua, chairman of the State Power Investment Corporation, Wei Suo, deputy general manager, Wang Zhongtang, assistant general manager of the State Power Investment Corporation and general manager of the State Nuclear Power Corporation, and Rick Edwards, executive vice president of Lockheed Martin Corporation attended the press conference. The meeting was presided over by Wei Suo

As a reactor protection system platform, nupac platform is the key equipment of the digital I & C system of nuclear power plant. It can ensure the safe shutdown of nuclear power plant under abnormal accident conditions such as earthquake and tsunami, and is the "safety guard" of nuclear power plant. Nupac platform has passed the administrative license of the nuclear safety regulatory agency of the Chinese and American governments, marking that the National Nuclear automation instrument, a subordinate enterprise of the State Power Investment Corporation, has the ability and qualification to provide nuclear level digital I & C systems for various nuclear power units in China. At the same time, it broke the long-term monopoly of international well-known nuclear power instrumentation and control enterprises in this field, provided technical access for China's advanced nuclear power technology to enter the European and American markets, and preliminarily established the market position of national power investment in the international nuclear power instrumentation and control field

in recent years, network information security has attracted much attention. FPGA technology with high reliability has been highly praised by International Atomic Energy Agency Leeper (IAEA), and it is the preferred technical scheme of the latest generation reactor protection system. Nupac platform based on FPGA technology is jointly developed by CNNC automation instrument and Martin Company of the United States. FPGA technology, which is widely and successfully applied in aerospace and other fields, is innovatively applied in commercial nuclear power plants for the first time. This technology does not rely on software operation, realizes software hardware, and can effectively resist network attacks. The system architecture adopts a unique modular and universal design, and its intrinsic safety characteristics provide the highest safety barrier for the operation of nuclear power plants

Guohe automation has complete intellectual property rights of nupac platform, independently develops source code, and can continuously improve development without restrictions; Under the framework agreement between the Chinese and American governments on the peaceful use of nuclear energy, CNI can provide platforms and services to the global market

nupac platform can be used for all reactor type nuclear power units, all kinds of civil nuclear power plants, as well as high-end industrial control fields with high safety and reliability requirements such as heavy-duty gas turbines and rail transit

at the meeting, CNKI signed cooperation agreements with users such as CNNP demonstration power station Co., Ltd. and Shandong Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. Nupac platform will be applied to Rongcheng cap1400 demonstration power station project, Haiyang project, etc

the major office of the Ministry of science and technology, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, the national energy administration, the national nuclear safety administration, the China Nuclear Energy Industry Association, the China Electric Power Enterprise Federation, Harbin Electric Group Corporation, Dongfang Electric Co., Ltd., Shanghai Electric nuclear power group, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tsinghua University, relevant academicians and experts, and relevant leaders of the State Power Investment Corporation, the State Nuclear Power Corporation and affiliated units attended the press conference

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