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Zoomlion Zhan Chunxin: relying on the introduction of the "the Belt and Road" to go out

Zoomlion Zhan Chunxin: relying on the introduction of the "the Belt and Road" to go out

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"the Belt and Road" and "environmental protection" are the two hot words with the highest frequency in the national two sessions this year. In the future, these two hot words will affect all aspects of China's economy and society. Enterprises are the most sensitive groups to national policies and markets. How do they view the opportunities brought by the "the Belt and Road"

during the national two sessions, the author spoke with Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., on behalf of the Hunan delegation. He said that Zoomlion would rely on the "the Belt and Road" to introduce advanced environmental protection technology and let engineering machinery products with first-class technology go out to achieve a new take-off

be an integrator and promoter of environmental technology

at the two sessions this year, no matter the premier's press conference or the minister's press conference, everyone must talk about environmental issues when asking questions. Environmental protection is still the hottest topic in China. Chen Jining, the new minister of environmental protection, also said that in the next few years, China's environmental protection investment demand is very large, about 8 trillion yuan to 10 trillion yuan

the opportunity is at hand, and the market is also at hand. How can Zoomlion rely on the "the Belt and Road" strategy to become a prepared company to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

"a few years ago, we upgraded the environmental sanitation machine application brief machinery company to become an environmental industry company, and took the environmental industry as one of the five key development sectors of Zoomlion, which is paving the way for the development of the environmental industry." Zhan Chunxin said that Zoomlion's goal for the environmental industry is to rely on the national "one road and one belt" strategy, introduce, digest and absorb advanced technologies at home and abroad, based on the local market, and become a company that truly has the strength of environmental technology and can solve environmental technical problems

"although our traditional advantage in the environmental industry is the R & D and manufacturing of environmental sanitation machinery and equipment, we are not limited to this now. In the future, Zoomlion environmental industry will be involved in the pollution control of various environmental factors such as water, soil, air, garbage and so on." Zhan Chunxin added that Zoomlion would complete the introduction of core environmental technologies related to these environmental elements by introducing technical talents, seeking technical cooperation and appropriate mergers and acquisitions

Zoomlion has not been involved in environmental treatment of such environmental elements as water and soil before. How can these plans be realized? What are the key technologies? Zhan Chunxin explained that there are three technical methods to deal with environmental pollution: chemical method, physical method and biological method. In the past, these technical methods were only scattered in the hands of some researchers, college teachers and some companies. Few companies have a systematic grasp of more comprehensive technology. At the same time, the equipment manufacturing capacity is not strong, which also affects the actual use effect. This leads to the coordination of the overall environmental technology, and the actual use effect is not ideal, which makes it difficult to quickly and massively solve China's environmental pollution problems. "What we need to do is to integrate these scattered core technologies and advanced foreign technologies, digest and absorb them, systematize them, make use of the advantages of Zoomlion Heavy equipment manufacturing, rely on Zoomlion's strong financial strength, be an integrator and promoter of environmental technology, and truly solve the problems of garbage, water, soil and other environmental pollution." Zhan Chunxin said

as China's water, soil, air and other environmental pollution are relatively serious, Zoomlion will be based on the domestic market to develop in-depth environmental treatment technologies and equipment suitable for China's national conditions. Zhan Chunxin took the sludge treatment of inland lakes as an example. Long ago, there were some small lakes around large lakes. These lakes were interconnected. With the passage of time, the sludge of these connecting lakes became more and more, and the water quality became worse and worse, which must be comprehensively treated. Zoomlion will research and develop mechanical equipment for sludge removal and treatment. For the cleaned sludge, we will use the method of environmental protection and comprehensive treatment to achieve comprehensive utilization and harmless treatment. At the same time, we will use water treatment technology to purify the water quality, combined with the national environmental protection regulations to control the source of pollution, so that these places will gradually return to the former green mountains and green waters

in short, Zoomlion will adhere to the strategic layout of "bringing in" and strive to expand the domestic market in the development of the environmental industry

establish the benchmark of "going out" of construction machinery

the significance of the "the Belt and Road" strategy lies not only in the "Introduction" of technology, but also in "going out". In recent years, Zoomlion has been expanding its territory in the global market with its excellent technology and products, and has set a benchmark for Chinese construction machinery enterprises to "go global"

Zhan Chunxin said that the company has gone out mainly through extensive mergers and acquisitions in recent years. On the one hand, by acquiring CIFA, m-TEC, raxtar, and buying out the full set of technologies of JOST flat head Tower series products, a high-end expert of tower crane in Germany, the company has quickly reserved a number of world-class technologies and mature R & D personnel. On the other hand, by establishing R & D bases in Europe and America and Harold, global technical product manager of DSM engineering plastics Harroldgoertz will outline how akulonxs, through its unique barrier properties and mechanical properties, makes it more suitable for use in the food flexible packaging industry than traditional PA6 and more cost-effective. The integration of internal and external R & D personnel makes the company quickly reach the world-class level in technology research and development, And integrate and manufacture a number of industry-leading innovative products

it is understood that the mta3000 dry mixed mortar is the first new product launched by Zoomlion after its acquisition of Germany m-TEC, the world's first brand of dry mixed mortar. The rx2740sf high-speed variable frequency construction elevator is a new green intelligent product provided to users around the world by Zoomlion's integration of the green energy feedback system of raxtar company in the Netherlands. Zoomlion owns 20% of the global tower crane market share; The world's longest boom must be replaced immediately after the instigator alarm. Many world records, such as the pump truck, the world's largest crawler crane, the world's largest wheeled crane, were born here; The crawler crane zcc3200np, one of the strongest lifting capacity in the world of Zoomlion, appeared in Jiangsu Tianwan nuclear power plant, the largest Sino Russian technical and economic cooperation project, and successfully completed its first show of hoisting. At the same time, Zoomlion has successively deployed in more than 80 countries around the world, established seven regions around the world, and established comprehensive service platforms for trade, financing, after-sales service and parts supply, logistics, finance and other major regions, so as to provide better services to customers by building these comprehensive platforms

digital display electronic universal testing machine is suitable for users who only seek force value, tensile strength, compressive strength and other relevant data. With these core technologies, excellent products and a broad market sales and after-sales service platform, Zoomlion has gone farther and farther and more stable in the overseas market in recent years. Zhan Chunxin also said that Zoomlion is ready after the release of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy. The company has maintained close cooperative relations with many large-scale construction enterprises with national initials, and they are the main force in the construction of the "the Belt and Road". Zoomlion, as their upstream equipment supplier, has done a good job in integrating resources in domestic and international markets in order to better follow them out. In addition, the company is stepping up the investment of relevant resources in the key areas of the "the Belt and Road" and strengthening the service system, logistics system, marketing system and financial service system. At present, the overall progress is good, and many orders are about to be released

Zhan Chunxin also said that at present, the national "the Belt and Road" strategy has just begun to be implemented, so Zoomlion will also practice and adjust according to the implementation dynamics of this strategy, so as to maximize the pace with the national strategy and seize the opportunity to achieve a new take-off

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