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ZTE mobile devices, the world's leading mobile terminal manufacturer, announced today that following its great success in many European countries and the United States, the company will bring ZTE's consumer experience tour to Spain. The European tour kicked off in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress on February 21, passing through Germany, Poland, Italy and France, and ended its first round on April 16. After a short rest "a few years ago, the tour experience tour of ZTE terminal equipment and related interesting activities by bus will be carried out in 16 other Spanish cities from May 3 to June 21, including Madrid, Valencia and Seville. Through the tour experience, the combustion performance reaches grade A1 (GB8624), smoke toxicity reaches grade AQ1 (gb/t20285), and the thermal conductivity ≤ 0.052w/(m2k) (gb/t10295) During the trip, visitors will have the opportunity to try the Axion, blade and SPRO series of smart and smart projectors to understand how these products affect their daily life

Jacky Zhang, CEO of ZTE Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, said: at present, ZTE team has met with enthusiastic fans from different cultures in Europe and enjoyed it. A large number of consumers have seen the style of ZTE and have received high praise for our terminal equipment. We are very excited about this. All work of ZTE is user-centered, which is a good practice for us to obtain valuable feedback from consumers

more than 18000 people have participated in ZTE's European experience tour, which passes through 14 cities and travels more than 11625 kilometers. ZTE terminal business unit has cooperated with blog moderators in a series of activities to attract a large number of people to personally experience the activities or use the tag ztetour through social media, and introduce the company to new fans at the same time

in Spain, ZTE's experience tour is the latest way for ZTE's terminal business unit to contact consumers. This activity is in line with the company's goal of 2016 to enhance brand awareness and double market share in the country at that time. Following the announcement of the sponsorship of Sevilla football club in February, ZTE's experience tour will be held on May 8 during the team's last home game of the season and on May 21 in Madrid during the final match of the Spanish crown del Rey. ZTE has announced that it has signed a sponsorship agreement with the team during the 2016 world mobile communication conference and has become the official technical partner of the club. This sponsorship indicates that ZTE has become the official smart type of the team

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