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ZTE helped Indonesia smartfren 22 cities commercial 4G LTE

Indonesian mobile operator smartfren held a 4G LTE-A commercial conference in the capital Jakarta, and officially commercial LTE business in 22 cities across the country. ZTE provided it with 4G LTE solutions, including ENB, cloud radio and ehrpd products

the official release of the business makes smartfren the first LTE tdd+fdd hybrid group in Indonesia, and also operates CDMA networks. Smartfren is the largest CDMA operator in Indonesia. It was officially launched in 2002 and became the world's first commercial CDMA EV-DO rev. in 2011 B's operator. In order to better meet the needs of Indonesian users, smartfren expanded its service range, providing voice, data, enterprise solutions and value-added services. By the second quarter of 2015, smartfren had 11.9 million users. Since the third quarter of this year, smartfren has launched 4G LTE-A services nationwide to provide users with a better experience

CEO Paul Hodges said: smartfren successfully piloted the 4G LTE-A business in June this year, providing users with WiFi devices and LTE intelligence, and then launched official business nationwide. We believe that LTE-A business will bring users a better experience and accelerate the process of information and communication industry becoming the pillar of Indonesia's economy. Users can experience better multimedia streaming, games, cloud storage, video conferencing and other applications. Smartfren is committed to providing Indonesian users with the best 4G service of polycarbonate, which is not only faster, but also more stable and reliable

Christian daigneault, chief technology officer, said: smartfren launched the widest range of LTE-A services in Indonesia. Our network adopts tdd+fdd fusion group. TDD adopts 2300 MHz frequency band and FDD adopts 850 MHz frequency band. This fusion can provide users with the best mobile broadband experience. In view of ZTE's leadership in TDD technology and the good cooperation foundation of both sides in the past decade, we continue to choose ZTE to deploy 4G LTE-A network

Shi Lirong, President of ZTE, said: I am glad to cooperate with smartfren to build a 4G LTE-A network covering Indonesia. ZTE has been committed to building the most advanced 3 powder area; The LTE ecosystem helps smartfren provide users with the best mobile broadband experience. This cooperation is in line with our long-term development vision in Indonesia and further consolidated ZTE's position in the industry

the universal user data platform (uspp), the mobile network strategy control center (PCRF) and the billing system OCS provided by ZTE enable CDMA and LTE networks to realize the three integration of user database, policy control and billing schemes. The integration of core elements enables the rapid deployment of LTE networks, facilitates the maintenance and operation of 3G and 4G networks in the future, and reduces operating costs. Smartfren can introduce flexible tariff packages to the market based on the most advanced OCS billing system provided by ZTE to attract high-end users with strong demand for mobile broadband. At the same time, LTE network also provides an API interface management platform, which can connect with more Ott services in the future, provide diversified services and increase revenue

as of the second quarter of 2015, ZTE has won 185 lte/epc commercial contracts worldwide, accounting for 70% of the countries that have invested in LTE, providing high-quality 4G equipment and services for global high-end operators. Operators contracted by ZTE and successfully commercialized LTE include Bharti, China Mobile, China Telecom, Hutchison, Softbank, Telenor, teliasonera, Vodafone, vimpelcom, MTN, Telefonica, etc

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