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Zoomlion Zhongwang technology is to support innovation and promote development

Zoomlion Zhongwang technology is to support innovation and promote development

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Guide: Zoomlion Zhongwang Company is one of the core parts supporting branches of Zoomlion, and has production and manufacturing units in Changde, Shanghai, Jiangyin, Shaanxi Huayin and Shanxi Donghua. The company is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of spare parts of Zoomlion machinery products and related technological development. Current master

Zoomlion Zhongwang Company is one of the core parts supporting branches of Zoomlion, with manufacturing units in Changde, Shanghai, Jiangyin, Shaanxi Huayin and Shanxi Donghua. The company is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of spare parts of Zoomlion machinery products and related technological development. At present, it mainly produces "hydraulic hose assembly", "concrete delivery pipe assembly", "hydraulic hard pipe assembly", "tower crane jacking system and lifting weight limiter" and other core parts and components for the main engine business units of Zoomlion. At the same time, it undertakes the centralized unification of all hydraulic lubricating oil products and steel products of Zoomlion, and will carry out procurement and distribution services this year

with the rapid technological progress of construction machinery accessories, key parts will become a major breakthrough for the future development of industry enterprises. Those supporting enterprises that cooperate more closely with host manufacturers, have technical reserves and can produce high value-added core components will have the right to speak in the industry. To this end, Zhongwang Company insists on taking technological innovation as the core and customer demand as the guide, strengthens the declaration of intellectual property rights, strengthens the construction of technical team, and actively relies on and integrates the technical resources of Zoomlion headquarters, Zoomlion's main engine business units and CIFA Italy. On the basis of the main product concrete conveying straight pipe, it continues to develop double-layer straight pipe, double-layer elbow, spectacle plate, cutting ring and other products, Constantly improve the product chain of vulnerable parts, and continue to move forward towards the goal of "becoming the industry benchmark of vulnerable parts of construction machinery with the highest technical content, the most reliable product quality, the strongest profitability and the largest production scale"

"internal" and "external" training - improve technological innovation ability

first, adhere to "internal" training, that is, to "practice internal skills", fully tap their own technological potential, and constantly improve the technical ability of Zhongwang Company with the help of the technical platform of Zoomlion headquarters and each mainframe business unit

first, actively improve the level of independent research and development. Before 2006, Zhongwang Company could only undertake the parts and components that have been designed and finalized and have entered the stage of mass production by the main engine business units of Zoomlion. In order to effectively improve the ability of technological innovation, actively create high value-added core components, and constantly promote the scale of the company, Zhongwang Company has continued to increase R & D efforts and increase R & D costs in recent years. In 2012, compared with 201 Jinan experimental machine, the verification feature is that the technical research funds increased by 9 times. At the same time, by continuously optimizing the existing production technology and process layout, we have fully explored our own potential and greatly improved our self technological innovation ability

secondly, make full use of and integrate the technical resources of Zoomlion Central Research Institute and each main engine business unit, and successively establish a double-layer straight pipe project and a high chromium cast iron casting project research group with Zoomlion Central Research Institute and the concrete machinery company research institute to jointly carry out project research and development and improve the technical level

thirdly, utilize and integrate CIFA technology resources to speed up technology upgrading. During the development of double-layer elbow and double-layer straight pipe, Zhongwang Company and CIFA conducted special comparative tests on raw materials, equipment and process methods of both parties, and exchanged personnel for technical exchanges

the second is "external" repair, that is, by absorbing the advanced technology and process of external enterprises, it can be used for its own use and boost the company's technological innovation ability

first, cooperate with suppliers to improve technology and process. On the premise of improving the external quality and internal performance of Zhongwang Company's products, Zhongwang Company took the lead in formulating the enterprise standard of hydraulic system pipe fittings. In conjunction with suppliers with technical strength, the layout and type selection of hydraulic system pipe fittings for the products of Zoomlion's main engine business units are carefully analyzed to improve product performance

second, joint investment with advanced enterprises in the industry to strengthen technological integration and innovation. In 2011, with the help of Zoomlion headquarters platform, Zhongwang Company established a factory in cooperation with the manufacturer of concrete conveying straight pipes, which effectively led to the further improvement of the technical level of concrete conveying pipes

through the full integration of Zoomlion headquarters, domestic and foreign high-quality technical resources, and continuous improvement of self technological innovation ability, a strong technical support has been formed, which provides a sufficient source of power for the rapid development of Zhongwang Company

technological breakthrough - improve the product development of vulnerable parts

first, the successful trial production of concrete double-layer conveying straight pipe

at present, the straight concrete delivery pipes on the market are mainly single-layer pipes, and their main problems are low service life and unstable quality. In order to effectively improve the product quality, Zhongwang Company and Zoomlion Italy CIFA carried out technical innovation, specially upgraded the delivery pipe of concrete pump truck, and successfully trial produced double-layer quenching pipe, which increased the service life of concrete delivery straight pipe, and increased the current, voltage and other parameters of the machine by about 200%, greatly reducing the frequency of pipe replacement, which was deeply welcomed by the market

it is understood that at present, only a few enterprises in the market can produce concrete double-layer conveying straight pipes. The successful development of Zhongwang Company's concrete double-layer conveying straight pipes means that Zhongwang Company has entered the domestic advanced ranks in the field of concrete conveying pipe production

the second is the successful development of concrete double-layer conveying elbow

for a long time, Zhongwang Company has been committed to the research and development of elbows in order to better serve the production of host machines. After repeated research, it is found that the mainstream brands of single-layer elbows in the market have different degrees of defects, especially the low service life. If we can develop products with better performance, we will surely seize the industry market. To this end, Zhongwang Company immediately set up a key research group for the elbow project to find new solutions and break through the existing technology. 1. How to maintain the bottleneck of high and low temperature experimental machine by operators

after comparison and demonstration, Zhongwang Company found that the CIFA double-layer elbow technology has been very mature and has a good reputation in the world, but there is a lack of qualified casting technology in China. In this regard, Zhongwang Company adopts the "two hands" strategy: "one hand" focuses on technology docking, actively connects with CIFA, carries out technical exchange and absorption, and quickly master the core technology of products; "First hand" focus on casting technology, introduce high-end talents in the industry, and successfully solve casting problems. At present, Zhongwang double-layer elbow has mass production capacity, and its service life has been greatly improved, reaching the advanced level of the industry

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