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Zurich Insurance leverages Microsoft to create a more efficient CI platform

in today's financial industry, customer intelligence (CI) management system has become an industry standard. This kind of customer relationship management based on data mining technology can collect and analyze user behavior data, and then accurately understand user behavior preferences and service needs, so that enterprises can improve product design and provide more efficient services

to some extent, the quality of customer intelligence (CI) management system can even determine the future development trend of a financial institution. Who can use the most advanced digital technology to improve their CI system, who can carry out more refined management of customers, provide accurate, real-time, thousands of personalized recommendation services, so as to obtain an advantageous position in the increasingly competitive global financial services industry

Zurich Insurance Group applied the most advanced Microsoft Enterprise Services, and finally successfully realized the transformation and upgrading of Ci, adding an insurance for itself to intelligently observe the needs of customers all over the world and win the future

for a long time, Zurich Insurance Group has not only directly served customers, but also provided services through channels such as CI system. In recent years, with the increasing diversification of user needs, the original CI system has been insufficient. In order to enable executives, insurers and sales teams to have an in-depth understanding of sales channels and existing customer portfolios, Zurich Insurance decided to improve its existing customer intelligence (CI) platform. Zurich Insurance deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, with the assistance of Microsoft Enterprise Services team, to mitigate project risks and ensure the completion of platform migration within the scheduled deadline. At present, more than 2500 users in 30 countries have confirmed that this platform is very suitable for providing services to customers and brokers in daily work, and helps to identify and promote international cross selling opportunities, which was extremely difficult to achieve in the past. In general, the new CI system helps to achieve the company's goals and ensure high-quality services for customers and brokers

Zurich Insurance Group drives revenue and profit growth by providing excellent services to customers and brokers around the world. In order to promote the provision of relevant services, the IT team strives to enhance the customer intelligence (CI) function of the company. At present, about 2500 global commercial insurance market personnel and insurers have successfully used Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 advanced platform and mobile functions and cloud expansion features. In order to ensure smooth deployment, successful migration and rapid acceptance by users, the company chose to cooperate with Microsoft Enterprise service team, and a transformation management expert from Microsoft provided guidance

enhance customer service and enhance CI intelligence

according to John Martin, senior business analyst of Zurich Insurance and leader of CI transformation team, in the previous version of the platform, users provided sales and underwriting activity data, so executives can monitor customer and broker accounts and overall sales channels. This is the only way to predict revenue and provide guidance to investors, but the team is convinced that the application of CI technology will create greater value for users and make CI evolve into an effective means to assist them in their work

the timeliness of system data, especially the extraction, conversion or loading (ETL) process, is also a major problem, similar to the past export data to produce customer reports. Martin explained: we have to wait for ETL to complete and then update the data in the business object. We hope to create a CI solution that is easier to use and has more outstanding reporting functions, ensure that our users like to use it, and help users serve their customers and brokers more effectively, keep abreast of the latest news and make agile responses

dynamics lays the foundation for the future development of cloud computing

in order to find CI solutions that adapt to the future development and function expansion, Laimer and Cassie Galloway, the project manager of Zurich Insurance Business, evaluated various available solutions, including another professional cloud platform and local Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Michael Laimer, Zurich Insurance IT project manager, added that many of the built-in functions of dynamics CRM 2016, especially the job-based user dashboard, help to make fast and accurate business decisions. He pointed out that we hope to improve the user experience of CI platform as much as possible. This will promote our users to use the tools and continuously update the data, because it will help them work more effectively. With dynamics, both their own data and the shared information of customers and brokers will become within reach. Domestic instruments lack special solutions developed for the users. More importantly, the dashboard can help them master the latest information and determine the next action plan

to ensure that they can most effectively customize the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 platform to achieve these CI goals, Galloway and its team extensively consulted five different functional departments, especially insurers (the largest group) and different regions

as we have been trying to catch up with the 12-month transformation period, there is little time left for process transformation, but the solution of Microsoft Enterprise Services helped us identify best practices and complete relevant modeling. In this process, dynamics provides a lot of help to avoid tedious custom coding. Our outreach work also helps to communicate the changes that have taken place in the CI platform to users, allowing customers to accept system changes more smoothly

cassie Galloway

Zurich Insurance Business Project Manager

the team worked closely to make the strategy successful

after Galloway set a deadline, the company decided to cooperate with Microsoft Enterprise Services team to complete the deployment. Ma can calibrate rtin according to the user manual. Rtin pointed out that this measure is not only from the strategic level, but also has tactical significance. He said: after cloud computing is incorporated into the future development strategy, Microsoft Enterprise Services team can help us ensure that the local CI platform of dynamics CRM 2016 is ready and can be migrated to dynamics 365 when the time is ripe Microsoft Enterprise Service Department can timely feed back, handle and solve any problems encountered in the deployment, no matter how big or small, so as to minimize the risk of CI transformation

Galloway also mentioned that the Microsoft Enterprise service team is very flexible and supports the effective use of agile technology. At the same time, it can help us ensure that we always meet the needs of the project scope by defining the minimum feasibility product, and avoid the spread of functions, which is crucial to meet the migration deadline

Galloway pointed out that the collaboration between Microsoft and Zurich Insurance team is particularly important. We also received strong assistance from Microsoft's digital transformation experts to assist me in formulating a comprehensive global deployment plan, including identifying and providing training for outstanding talents in functional departments in different regions since 2015, and supporting communication. At present, the users are in 30 countries and regions, which has become an important factor for our success

focus on CI users to drive business growth

in order to ensure that the new CI platform provides users with the best experience, the project has carried out a large number of performance tests and optimization through the company's global network provided by a third party

with the strong assistance of the Microsoft industry service team, we took about 9 months to build the local infrastructure and optimized it for dynamics CRM. In this process, we got the help of professional engineers from Microsoft Enterprise service team, and their help is indispensable for the successful completion of the project. Microsoft Enterprise Services experts used their professional knowledge and ability to manage various complex issues involved, so we were able to successfully complete the project within the migration deadline

Michael Laimer

Zurich Insurance IT project manager

with the cooperation of Zurich Insurance team, Microsoft Enterprise service team established a service operation model, including setting roles and, operation guidelines and task lists, SharePoint operation management station, and service dependency mapping. In addition, a service monitoring model is also established, covering the simulation of plastic sheet surface temperature higher than internal temperature in the actual molding before startup, online promotion and active tracking of usage after startup. Finally, the change and release process of sustainable development is also established

all these plans help integrate the internal support of the new CI platform model into the company's existing and larger support operation model. After establishing the service operation model, a team from Microsoft assisted Zurich Insurance team to continuously implement the project and gradually improve the new CI platform

at present, according to Galloway report, users are very satisfied with the work transformation achieved by Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. With the IT team launching mobile services for travel employees, and embedding functions and data through employees' laptops and mobile devices, the effect of this transformation will be more eye-catching

Galloway pointed out that with the help of dynamics CRM, the time to operate CI tools will be shortened, so there will be more time to carry out core business. This tool is easier to use, helping employees concentrate on the next step of work and serve customers more effectively. More importantly, it also creates opportunities for cross selling products and services to international customers, many of which were simply impossible to achieve in the past. This will not only help us drive revenue growth, but also significantly increase the return on investment

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