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Dalian Commodity Exchange: PVC futures may be listed on May 25

according to the Dalian Commodity Exchange (Dachang exchange), the reply of the CSRC has been received a few days ago, agreeing to the listing of PVC futures contracts by Dachang exchange. Dachang exchange will make arrangements on the specific matters of PVC futures listing and trading today. According to people familiar with the matter, the listing time of PVC futures is scheduled for May 25

in the reply, the CSRC proposed that the specific listing time of PVC futures contracts should be determined by the exchange according to the market conditions and the progress of various preparations

it is understood that after the CSRC approved the large commercial exchange to carry out PVC futures in April, the large commercial exchange announced the PVC futures contract with reliable and stable operation. These three points are the main maintenance measures and relevant rules of the experimental machine, and widely solicit opinions from the society

at the beginning of May, the Council of the big commercial exchange considered and approved the report on drafting PVC futures contracts and revising the relevant implementation rules. The rise and fall range was finally set at 4% of the settlement price of the previous trading day, and the minimum trading guarantee was set at 5% of the contract value. Dashang immediately submitted the relevant instructions of the listed PVC futures contract to the CSRC

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