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PVC futures have entered the countdown to listing. Zhejiang spot speculators are agitated in advance. This week, they learned that PVC futures, the five largest varieties of synthetic resin in China, have entered the countdown stage of listing, that is, PVC futures. If there is no accident, it will be officially listed on the Dalian Commodity Exchange in mid May and no later than early June. Recently, a seminar on PVC futures was held in Hangzhou. Considering that Zhejiang is the main production and consumption base of PVC, a batch of funds are eager to try

pvc futures will soon be listed

with the listing of early indica rice and steel, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has officially approved the Dalian Commodity Exchange to carry out PVC futures trading. The relevant person in charge of Dalian Commodity Exchange revealed that at present, the contract design and relevant rules have been launched and opinions are being widely solicited

according to the latest news, PVC futures will be listed after the Labor Day holiday at the earliest, and will not exceed the first ten days of June at the latest

in short, polyvinyl chloride is a major plastic. It belongs to one of the five synthetic resins, and is widely used in building doors and windows, drainage pipes, wires and cables, film packaging and other fields. In 2008, the output and apparent consumption of PVC in China reached 8.82 million tons and 9.25 million tons respectively, making China the largest producer and consumer of PVC in the world

at present, the size of PVC spot market is close to 70billion yuan, and the market capacity is considerable. The delivery products selected by big merchants are SG5 type with the widest use and the largest consumption. In 2008, the consumption exceeded 6.3 million tons, and the market scale was close to 50billion. Therefore, PVC is a truly large variety, which deserves the attention of all funds

Yang Jing, an analyst at UOB futures, said: at present, the price of PVC is completely dominated by the market, and its price is mainly affected by two aspects: first, the price fluctuation of upstream raw materials such as crude oil, coal and raw salt; Second, the largest consumption areas of PVC are profiles, profiles and pipes, which are mainly used in the construction field, so whether the real estate market can recover in the future also has a decisive impact on its price

Zhejiang funds are gearing up

although PVC futures have not yet been listed, the related capital speculation has begun

in mid April, the information that PVC futures were approved was announced, and the main funds concentrated on the speculation of PVC production-oriented listed enterprises, with fierce methods. Chlor alkali chemical, a major domestic PVC enterprise, rose by the daily limit for two consecutive trading days on April 16 and 17. Then it rose and fell on the third trading day, and the speed of its fall was so fast that many followers were caught up

insiders revealed that since this year, most of the main funds newly entering the futures market in Zhejiang have come from the stock market. Therefore, it can be basically judged that the funds that hype chlor alkali chemical industry will also participate in the transactions that will be further fuelled by the failure of futures construction technology in the future

on April 28, it was learned from the Dalian Commodity Exchange that from June 27 to 28, the big trading house and the China Petrochemical Association will jointly host the China Plastics Industry Conference in Hangzhou. The future development trend of the plastic industry in this conference: the holding time of environmental protection plastics, automotive plastics and 3D printing materials should be after the listing of PVC futures. At that time, Zhejiang's main funds participating in the transaction will attend the conference

in fact, at the recent seminar, Zhejiang Juhua and other enterprises have said that as 1 Product specification: hy-0230, the second plastic variety, PVC futures contract is closer to spot enterprises and individual investors in terms of delivery standard, price limit, margin, contract month and other terms. Therefore, it is worth looking forward to listing and trading in the future

at present, Zhejiang capital can be seen behind the big market of almost all futures varieties. Yang Jing said that at present, Zhejiang funds are very enthusiastic about participating in PVC futures, but initially, they will focus on the delivery process, and large-scale participation may require a process

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