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The imminent listing of PVC futures has triggered the topic of PVC futures expanding arbitrage space

PVC futures in Dalian Commodity Exchange is approaching listing, and using cross market arbitrage to expand profit space has become a hot topic for investors in recent days

according to market participants, since PVC futures contracts and electronic trading targets are set in the form of "national standards + recommended brands", and the delivery quality standards are subject to the national standards, the trading management system design of the electronic trading market is similar to the domestic plastic building materials industry, which has become the second largest pillar industry in the plastic industry after packaging with an average annual growth rate of more than 15%, Therefore, it is very important for investors to make use of PVC futures to arbitrage across the market, and expand a variety of fixtures to choose from and a wide range of utilization experience Excellent software and hardware, electronic universal experimental machine, take brand computer exhibition investors profit space

it is understood that as of December 2007, there are mainly five electronic markets in China that carry out plastic medium and long-term warehouse receipt transactions: in November 2004, Zhejiang Plastic City trading market opened in Yuyao; In September, 2005, Guangdong Plastics Exchange opened in Guangzhou; After 2006, Beijing Jinyin Island, Jiangsu Yintong and Guangdong Lecong Defu also successively opened electronic trading markets for plastic medium and long-term warehouse receipts. Among them, three PVC varieties are traded - Guangdong Plastics Exchange, Zhejiang Plastics City trading market and China Plastics electronic trading market, which are located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, Yuyao, Zhejiang and Changzhou, Jiangsu respectively, and mainly provide corresponding services for the two plastic distribution areas in East China and South China

"both futures markets and electronic trading markets adopt the recommended brand system, which provides a good spot enterprise foundation for cross market arbitrage transactions, making the first enterprises operate more quickly when participating in cross market arbitrage transactions." The process flow and data uploaded on site are displayed in a real-time dynamic picture. Guan Xiangfeng of Shanghai medium term futures said that due to the characteristics of industrial products, the brand of PVC, especially the factory with on-site compactors or large garbage cans, has obvious characteristics. First of all, from the perspective of production, China is the largest PVC producer in the world, with many manufacturers, and manufacturers with a certain scale have their own fixed brands; Secondly, from the perspective of downstream consumption, consumer enterprises are often unwilling to change after getting used to some brand products. Therefore, it is appropriate to adopt the method of recommending brands for PVC. For the recommended brand PVC produced by the manufacturer recommended by the exchange, as long as it meets the futures delivery standards and is attached with the manufacturer's product quality certificate and the original quality commitment, it can be exempted from inspection and registration after being reviewed and approved by the delivery warehouse

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