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PVC film is forbidden to wrap cooked meat. Some PVC fresh-keeping films contain DEHA

AQSIQ released the special supervision and spot check results of 44 kinds of PVC food fresh-keeping films yesterday

AQSIQ released the special national supervision and spot check results of 44 kinds of PVC food fresh-keeping films yesterday. The results showed that some fresh-keeping films contain DEHA plasticizers that are potentially harmful to human health

however, the random inspection results also showed that the vinyl chloride monomer content of 44 samples was less than 1 mg/kg, which was in line with national standards and international requirements. DEHA plasticizer and vinyl chloride monomer residues are two possible carcinogens of PVC food preservative film

pvc film cannot package meat, cooked food and fatty food

the General Administration publicly stated that PVC fresh-keeping film can be used with restrictions, but it must not contain DEHA. At the same time, businesses' direct packaging of meat, cooked food and fatty food with PVC fresh-keeping film is expressly prohibited

deha testing method will be used as a national standard

for many other countries that have asked questions, PVC has been banned from being used in food packaging. Li Yuanping, director of the import and export food safety administration of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, said: "it is understood that only South Korea prohibits PVC fresh-keeping film from being used in food, and other countries have not seen the prohibition of PVC."

at the same time, we checked the production progress of the day with two team leaders and learned that the Chinese Academy of inspection and quarantine sciences has studied and formulated the inspection method of DEHA in food preservative film, which is not particularly obvious on the static experimental machine, and will be promulgated as a national standard in the near future

instructions for fresh-keeping film

● household fresh-keeping film is safe and reliable

"according to the random inspection results, the fresh-keeping film used at home is safe and reliable." Jizhengkun, director of the product quality supervision department of the AQSIQ, said

● PVC film can pack vegetables

for the safety of PVC food preservative film, which is most concerned by the media and the public, AQSIQ said yesterday that PVC food preservative film with the label "DEHA free" can also be used, However, "it is also not suitable to be directly used for packaging meat, cooked food and fat food, and it is not suitable to directly use micro-2 and corrugated pipe ring stiffness testing machine. Because the pipe sling has the characteristics of portable, convenient protection and good chemical resistance, it is heated by wave furnace." Ji Zhengkun said that the fresh-keeping film must not contain DEHA, and PVC is not banned, but it cannot be used for microwave heating or packaging fat food, and can be used to package vegetables and fruits

AQSIQ also reminded consumers to buy food preservative films with clear marks:

"as long as they are marked with 'PE' or 'PVC free', or clearly indicate that 'they can be heated in a microwave oven', they can be used safely."

the AQSIQ also requires enterprises to indicate the material and scope of application on the outer package of the fresh-keeping film:

those that are not marked with the words "DEHA free" or that are not clearly indicated that they can be heated by microwave ovens, etc., must be removed from the shelves and stopped selling

source: Beijing Morning Post

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