The hottest PVC in Northeast China is expected to

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PVC in Northeast China is expected to rise after the festival

the ex factory price of PVC in Jinhua Group and Tianjin chemical plant is 5000 yuan, which will constitute a batch of independent intellectual property achievements with international advanced level. Qihua group is 4800 yuan and Qilu Petrochemical Company is yuan. Compared with the price in the second half of January, the prices of Jinhua, Tianhua and Qilu are up another 100 yuan. The price of Qihua has not changed. The ex factory price of PVC in Northeast and North China rebounded sharply in January, In February, the rise slowed down, and the market demand was slightly tested and quite high. Insiders predict that after the Spring Festival, the peak season of plastic processing is coming, and there is still much room for PVC prices to rise

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