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Customs declarer examination comprehensive review material III

39.2.5 digital quantity: Z transformation, produces different points, involves the differential field, X changes in a certain range, y changes

39.2.6 TV: the most reasonable, 14 inch 465 scanning lines

39.2.7 car: the most reasonable, Audi A4 has the most reasonable power ratio

40. In 2010, intermediates and high-performance plastic raw materials accounted for 63% of the sales share. Customs clearance regulations for import and export goods in the bonded zone:

inbound and outbound goods

goods in the import and export zone (regarded as import and export)

40.1 goods prohibited by the state from import and export cannot be stored in the bonded zone

40.2 processing enterprises need materials, as well as transit trade storage goods, At the time of entry and exit, implement the registration system of equipment records (machines, equipment, etc. are customs declaration system)

40.3 license: for those entering and leaving the area, which belong to passive quota management or chemical weapons, they should build a smart factory in line with industry 4.0 in advance, apply for import and export licenses

40.4 bonded and non bonded areas import and export goods, Tax regulations for foreign entry into the bonded zone: (8 items)

40.5.1 domestic machines, equipment, raw materials, spare parts, components, packaging materials and materials for infrastructure construction used by enterprises in the zone

tax exemption

40.5.2 enterprises in the zone use reasonable production equipment, production management equipment, materials, Repair parts

duty free

40.5.3 office supplies used by the management organization in the zone

duty free

40.5.4 processing materials in the zone

bonded (regional)

40.5.5 transit goods


40.5.6 storage goods


40.5.7 bonded area entering the non bonded area

certificate application tax

40.5.8 non bonded entry into the bonded area

if it is imported and has been paid, it will not be refunded (the principle of no levy and no refund)

41 characteristics of export processing establishment

41.1 customs supervision, approved by the State Council (Note: there are only two approved by the State Council: one is a bonded zone and the other is an export processing zone)

41.2 (4):

41.2.1 Administrative Committee of export processing zone

41.2.2 processing enterprises in the zone

41.2.3 warehousing enterprises in the zone

41.2.4 transportation enterprises in the zone

41.3 transportation enterprises in the zone those outside the zone shall be regarded as imports; Entry is regarded as export

goods in zone 41.4 can be transported abroad after substantial processing

pay attention to distinguish what can be entered and what cannot be entered

46 kinds of licenses

1 The Bureau of Quota Licensing affairs of the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China for import licenses of goods, and the offices of the special commissioners, as well as the authorized provincial license issuing agencies

2 The goods export license of the people's Republic of China is the same as above. The license column of the customs declaration of the two countries corresponds to the quota

3 The Ministry of Commerce and the relevant mechanical and electrical products import and export office of the State Council are responsible for the import management of mechanical and electrical products in their respective departments in their respective regions Export licenses for sensitive items and technologies nuclear weapons, missiles, chemical weapons, biology, etc.

5 The technology import license of the people's Republic of China is restricted and issued by the Ministry of Commerce

6 Technology restricted by the technology export license of the people's Republic of China issued by the Ministry of Commerce

7 The issuance of automatic import license by the Ministry of Commerce cannot be understood as "quota"

8 The registration certificate of technology import contract restricts the issuance of non technology contracts by the Ministry of Commerce The registration certificate of technology export contract restricts the technology to shut down the software measurement and control system and computer, which is issued by the Ministry of Commerce. The free import and export of parts other than restricted technology need to be registered, and all technologies need to be registered

10 Certificate of important industrial products (registered, not commonly used) Ministry of Commerce

11 Entry customs clearance form of the people's Republic of China (goods) port inspection and quarantine authority application for inspection

12 The exit customs clearance form (goods) of the people's Republic of China is the same as

13 Some general drugs and blood products in the customs clearance of imported drugs, State Food and Drug Administration

14 The scope of application of the import waste approval certificate approved by the State Environmental Protection Administration is only solid recyclable waste

15 Convention certification

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