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PVC cling film is in cancer suspense

is the PVC cling film we use daily likely to cause cancer

this has become the focus of social attention recently, but experts and relevant people have different views on it. The latest progress was tracked yesterday

several supermarkets in Shenyang found that the products in the sales area of fresh-keeping film and fresh-keeping bags are basically made of PE, while it is difficult to distinguish the material of the fresh-keeping film used by supermarkets to pack fresh meat and fruits

the national plastic products supervision and inspection center, the highest technical institution for the performance inspection of plastic products in China, said that PVC fresh-keeping films were being tested. At the same time, it is reported that the new hygienic standard for plastic wrap is being formulated

authoritative department: whether PVC fresh-keeping film is carcinogenic is being tested

yesterday, a staff member of the national plastic products supervision and Inspection Center said in an interview that their center has obtained the metrological certification, examination, approval and authorization of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, and is the highest technical institution for the performance inspection of plastic products; At present, the center is testing PVC fresh-keeping film. It's hard to say whether it causes cancer or not

previously, Weng Yunxuan, director of the national plastic products supervision and inspection center, said that PVC food preservative film mainly caused harm to people in two aspects: vinyl chloride monomer content is high, which will volatilize; The main component of the plasticizer used for PVC fresh-keeping film is ethylhexylamine (DEHA), which is easily separated out according to the great wisdom news agency on April 27. As food is brought into the human body, it causes carcinogenesis, especially endocrine and hormonal disorders, so it will cause great harm to the human body

production enterprise: PVC fresh-keeping film is safe for fresh food.

Dalian Sanrong Chemical Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise invested by South Korea Sanrong group in Dalian last October. It is reported that its PVC fresh-keeping film production capacity is the largest in the country

yesterday afternoon, I called Dalian Sanrong Chemical Co., Ltd. and a person who did not want to be named but said what he said could be responsible for the company said that PVC fresh-keeping film would have some problems under high temperatures above 100 ℃, but there were instructions on the products to inform consumers how to use it. PVC fresh-keeping film is safe to be used in fresh food

liuhongwen from the quality supervision department of the Bureau of quality and technical supervision of Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone told that the bureau had gone to Sanrong company twice on October 16 and 17 for production investigation and extracted the corresponding products. A relevant person from the policy and regulation department of Dalian Bureau of Quality Supervision said that the PVC fresh-keeping film produced by Dalian Sanrong Chemical Co., Ltd. was being tested to detect whether this kind of fresh-keeping film was harmful to human body and how harmful it was

experts' view

pvc fresh-keeping film meets the current national health standards, but a new standard is being formulated

pan Yougui, Deputy Secretary General of Liaoning Packaging Association, believes that the country still needs to give a clear statement whether PVC fresh-keeping film causes cancer. The PVC food fresh-keeping film now produced meets the national health standards

it is reported that he refers to the two standards implemented in 1988 and 1994, in which PVC can be used as food packaging materials, including fresh-keeping film

however, at the same time, it is reported that the new hygienic standard for plastic wrap is being formulated

the quality of PVC fresh-keeping film itself is the focus

yuan, chief engineer of Shenyang Plastic Research Institute Co., Ltd., told that qualified PVC food fresh-keeping film is not unusable. The key is whether some enterprises have passed relevant inspections when producing products and whether they meet food hygiene standards

in the production of PVC food preservative film, extenders, stabilizers, etc. should be added. If these substances exceed the national standards, they will be harmful to human body. The most important thing is whether the raw materials used in the production of PVC food preservative film are used for food. If bad enterprises use industrial raw materials, it must be toxic

whether the fresh-keeping film causes cancer is crucial.

the science and Technology Development Office of Dalian Plastic Research Institute is connected with the photoelectric encoder installed on the top of the measuring device through a series of transmission mechanisms. Yu Wenjie, director of the office, said that whether it is PVC, PE or PVDC fresh-keeping film, consumers cannot distinguish them by their naked eyes and touch. Consumers can only rely on the marking of materials on the plastic wrap packaging to judge

the argument that PVC fresh-keeping film may cause cancer may be because it will release chlorine when exposed to high temperature, which will pollute food and cause damage to human body. Some consumers like to heat food at high temperature together with fresh-keeping film, which cannot be modified

Yu Wenjie introduced several identification methods of material identification of plastic products commonly used in life:

PP polypropylene is mostly used for outer packaging, which can be high temperature

ps polypropylene ethylene is mostly used for toiletries. There is no problem in normal temperature use, and high temperature is not allowed

pe polyethylene is mostly used for plastic bags and other external packaging, which will melt at high temperature

pvc has a large amount of PVC, which can be used in all aspects. High temperature will release chlorine, and it can be refrigerated

pvdc polyvinylidene chloride is used in casings and other places with high cost and high temperature

source: Liaoshen Evening News

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