The hottest PVC has a strong bearish atmosphere, a

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[PVC] the bearish atmosphere is strong, and the market is in an consolidation pattern

I. market overview

today's PVC market is weak and difficult to change. The limited adjustment range of petrochemicals has put pressure on the market and intensified the bearish atmosphere in the market. The sluggish demand in the downstream will still restrict the market for a long time, the survival situation of the factory is particularly difficult, the digestion of supply will be slower, and the contradiction of oversupply continues to exist

II. Overview of the upstream market

due to the increase in inventory and weak economic data, June crude oil futures on the New York commercial Futures Exchange (NYMEX) fell 0.89%, or US $0.94, to US $105.22 per barrel on Wednesday

on Wednesday, ethylene in Asia fell, while CFR Northeast Asia fell $11/ton to 1339 5 dollars/ton, CFR Southeast Asia fell 10 dollars/ton to close at 1370 5 dollars/ton (compared with the price on April 30). There are few ethylene negotiations in the market, and there is a lack of firm offer transactions

III. local market conditions

the mainstream price of PVC market has not changed significantly today. The demand is flat, and more purchases are made on demand, which keeps businesses worried

the PVC market in Northeast China is stable with no more adjustment, light trading and strong wait-and-see mood. The quotation of ordinary electric stone is yuan/ton, and the implementation is slightly flexible. The imported materials still flow into the round steel, which should be processed into a round sample with a diameter of 25mm

the PVC market in Hangzhou performed fairly well, the offer was chaotic, the merchants shipped according to the market, the terminals were still purchased on demand, and the transaction was lukewarm. The quotation of all ordinary electric stone materials is yuan/ton. Tianye has a wide speed regulation range, and the material delivery is slightly higher. The quotation of high model materials is about 7000 yuan/ton. The quotation of ethylene materials is firm and the implementation is slightly flexible

the PVC market performance of Qilu Chemical City is acceptable, the adjustment is limited, and the trading is tepid. All materials do not include tax returns: s700 reports 6, the photoelectric encoder will have pulse signal output of 630 yuan/ton, S1000 price of 6480 yuan/ton, qs1050p reports 6340 yuan/ton, qs650 reports about 6570 yuan/ton

IV. in terms of the latest quotation

1. Petrochemical quotation

Shaanxi Beiyuan chemical PVC quotation is stable, the production of the device is normal, the factory price of type 5 calcium carbide is 6550 yuan/ton, some export goods are priced, and the transaction is acceptable

the quotation of PVC in Shanxi huojiagou remained stable, about 70% of the plant was started, the ex factory quotation of type 5 electric stone was 6700 yuan/ton, and the spot exchange was 200 yuan/ton lower. The actual transaction can be negotiated

the PVC quotation of Nanning Chemical rose slightly by 50 yuan, and about 70% of the plant was started. The ex factory quotation of type 5 calcium carbide was about 7050 yuan/ton. The implementation was slightly flexible, and most of them were sold locally

2. The quotation of the mall

as of 15:00, the individual brands of PVC in China Plastics' spot rose by 30 yuan/ton, and the lowest price of s-03/Shanghai hangwang was 11930 yuan/ton

v. future forecast

the international situation is complex and volatile, and the situation is grim. Half of the economies in the euro zone fell into recession, the regulation of the domestic property market continued, the mentality of businesses was difficult to be optimistic, and the downstream demand was sluggish, putting pressure on PVC. However, the upstream cost of domestic PVC has always remained high, forming a bottom support for the spot market, and the maintenance of enterprises will slightly improve the market dilemma of supply and demand imbalance. The short-term market may continue to consolidate. Due to the price changes of raw calcium carbide, it is necessary to pay careful attention to the situation of PVC manufacturers

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