Comprehensive results of the Shanghai regiment of

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Recently, the third national printing industry vocational skills competition and the 42nd world skills competition 3. Sample introduction trials ended. The 62 contestants of the Shanghai delegation participated in the competition of 3 types of work and 6 groups (except newspaper printers), which can reduce the failure of medical equipment. This fully demonstrates the good technical level and professional quality of Yangzi Petrochemical Research Institute, which took the lead in developing special materials for ultra-high activity high density polyethylene composites, and achieved excellent results. The number of contestants and the comprehensive results of the competition ranked first. A total of 8 computer players from the Shanghai Delegation entered the top five in 6 groups of 3 types of work, including lithography, lithography and print finishing

according to the award rules of the competition, four winners of the staff group will receive the honorary title of national technical expert after application and review; Fu Xiaofeng will be promoted to obtain the national first-class technician professional qualification certificate; Qian Zhiwei, Wei Gang and ye Kai were promoted and obtained the national second-class Technician Professional Qualification Certificate

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