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Flowers are beautiful angels, so there must be many vases that can complement each other. There are not too many vases. Whether your family has them or not, take a look at the twelve beautiful vases recommended by Xiaobian today

women can't live without flowering, of course, they can't live without flowering bottles. Whether it's the expensive roses held by your boyfriend on Valentine's day or the small bouquets of daisies bought at the night market, they should be placed in beautiful vases. Only when you wake up every morning with the fragrance of flowers can you live up to this spring and love life

Part1 garden style ceramic vase

recommendation 1: European Garden vase

shopping guide reason: the exquisite hand-painted magpie ceramic vase symbolizes good luck, and the curve design of the bottle mouth is full of beauty and change

recommendation 2: Vintage binaural vase

shopping guide reason: Classic American Rural flower. It is made of high-temperature clay with thick tires and unique aging technology. It has a thick texture and a beautiful curved bottle body. The opening is in full bloom like flowers to meet its beautiful flowers

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