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Today, Xiaogu will talk about the difference between Japanese flower arrangement and Chinese flower arrangement

Japanese flower arrangement and Chinese flower arrangement have a long history, and the art of Japanese flower arrangement is more affected by Chinese flower arrangement. They have some commonalities, but because of the different cultures of the two countries, they also have some differences. Today, Xiaogu will talk about the difference between Japanese flower arrangement and Chinese flower arrangement



Chinese flower arrangement originated in the Wei, Jin, southern and Northern Dynasties, and the flower art flourished in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Chinese traditional flower arrangement pays more attention to the expression of artistic conception than Japanese flower arrangement. It pursues not only the natural beauty of flowers, but also the beauty of artistic conception and spirit. Chinese people endow flowers with emotion and symbolic meaning, so today's Chinese flower arrangement can express people's emotion, belief and will, and is full of the artistic flavor of Chinese poetry and painting

the flower path in Japan originated from the flower arrangement in the Chinese Buddhist hall. Around the 6th-7th century A.D., the Japanese messenger sister Ono came to China to study Buddhism in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. She was very impressed and deeply interested in the flower arrangement on the altar of Chinese Buddhism sacrifice. So after returning home, she simply resigned as a monk and began Japanese flower arrangement art in the hexagonal Hall in Japan


basic form

the basic form of Chinese flower arrangement is generally divided into four types: upright, inclined, flat and drooping. Each leaf and branch are cleverly combined according to its natural potential, either straight or curved, or section or section, and coexist harmoniously with each other, as if they are still thriving in nature, without the breath of creation, whether it is form or God, and the scene blends

Japanese flower art has developed quite a number of flower arrangement methods according to different flower arrangement concepts, such as songyuanliu, Xinliu, xiaoyuanliu, Douliu, etc. these schools have a world. Japanese flower arrangements are mainly Lihua, peanut, investment, flowers and freestyle, among which Zhonghua Hehua is a traditional pattern created by Chi fangliu

from the perspective of the overall structure of Chinese and Japanese flower arrangement, although the skeleton layout of flower arrangement is different, it actually stems from China's earliest landscape aesthetic consciousness. Its basic spirit is the unity of heaven and man, which is the unique natural philosophy of the East. Therefore, many characteristics of Chinese and Japanese flower arrangement are basically the same. (source: dinggu whole house customization)




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