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For the door and window profession, the previous low access threshold led to a lot of capital pouring into the professional shopping malls, so the commodities were low-end and homogeneous. With the rapid development of these years, this kind of harm is becoming greater and greater, and the whole profession has begun to fall into the quagmire of the bargain race. In today's era, shopping malls are full of green production, green goods and green days. In order to change the current situation of the door and window profession, the door and window agency company can only do a good job in commodity environmental protection, ensure commodity quality, and do green business

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the concept of low-carbon day is well-known. In recent years, environmentally friendly doors and windows have also appeared everywhere. Although the price of environmentally friendly doors and windows is higher than that of other doors and windows, it is more expected by consumers because of its strong environmental protection function. Therefore, under this trend, door and window agency companies can only do green business in full swing

green economy has gradually become the general direction of development. In the future, green goods and spending forms will occupy most of the shopping malls. For doors and windows, it is the responsibility of the door and window agency company to make green and healthy doors and windows. In previous years, it was not uncommon for formaldehyde overspending to endanger human health, and many door and window agencies were pushed to the cusp of the storm. In the current situation of increasingly serious homogenization, door and window agent companies must constantly improve their own production level, purchase more leading environmental protection equipment, and strengthen the investment in environmental protection research, so as to gradually improve the environmental protection value of doors and windows and add the added value of door and window products

with the continuous development of society, door and window agencies that do not meet the requirements of green development will inevitably be screened by shopping malls, and environmentally friendly doors and windows will shine. Only when the door and window agency company is at the forefront of the era, grasps the super innovative development ability, and does green business, can it stand firm in the mall

only by learning to do green business and integrating the concept of environment-friendly and healthy days into commodities, can door and window agencies win the expectations of consumers and complete the successful transformation of the company in the new round of market reshuffle





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