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Many times, in the face of all kinds of traps and tricks in home decoration, due to the general lack of professional knowledge and experience of consumers, it is easy to be deceived by some illegal decoration companies. The owners hate it, but there is nothing they can do. Although they have done enough, they still have to take care of one thing and lose another, which is impossible to prevent. Today, Xiaobian will tell you some tricks that these decoration companies can use to prevent you from being cheated when decorating

1 dismantling projects leads to falsely high costs. Some illegal decoration companies have dismantled a project into several projects, and the unit price has come down, but the total price has gone up. Dismantle the wall tiles into two items: wall base treatment and wall tiles; The triangle valve and metal hose in the toilet installation project are listed as two separate projects, which seems cheap, and the final settlement cost is too high to believe. 2. The hidden price increase of unit conversion will change the items that should be quoted by square meters to quoted by meters. For example, doorcases are generally quoted by decoration companies, but some decoration companies quote by meters, so a doorcase becomes 5 meters, and the unit price goes down, but the total price goes up. 3 material “ Write an article ” Many companies are working on materials to make higher profits. The main material only writes the brand, not the model. The price of many material brands varies greatly between different models. 4. Mr. Wang, a consumer of double counting and random addition, once encountered the problem of double counting and charging. The hinge was included in the door installation, and the floor nail was included in the floor installation, and then another item was added at the end “ Hardware ”, 3000 yuan. After receiving the order, some designers deliberately increased the decoration projects in order to get more commission from the company, regardless of the actual situation of consumers' homes, such as adding partitions where there is no need for partitions, and requiring ceilings where there is no need for ceilings, and so on; Design ” After, the decoration quotation was significantly higher than the original budget. Countermeasures: 1. Check the signing of contracts. Once the contract is signed, it is not easy to change it. The contract content should be written in detail as much as possible, and the liability for breach of contract should be clear and specific, so as to prevent the public from saying that it is fair and reasonable after disputes occur. 2. Carefully check the budget and drawings. See whether the materials indicated in the drawing are the same as those in the budget, whether the quantity is the same, and whether all the things you need to do are listed in the budget. 3. It is required to indicate the brand and model of materials in the remarks column. 4. During the construction process, you should know the design of your home well, and do not change or add items at will. If you need to change, you should adjust it flexibly according to the actual situation. It must be noted that the proportion of non owner's willingness to increase the funds required for the project is generally not more than 10%. 5. Retain evidence. Pay attention to keep all kinds of invoices and receipts, and leave words for all the contents agreed by both parties to prevent the other party from admitting after oral commitment





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