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U.S. packaging machinery continues to occupy the global market position

in terms of total sales and domestic consumption, U.S. packaging machinery continues to occupy the global market position. It is fatal for wild animals to be entangled with abandoned fishing lines

as of December 9, 2004, the sales volume reached more than 5930 billion US dollars In 2003, domestic sales in the United States reached $6765billion

the members of American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association occupy 75% of the American market and 25% of the global market Charles yusca, President of the American Packaging Machinery Association, said that the member companies of the American Packaging Machinery Association still occupy a leading position in the global packaging machinery market

although reports from various countries say that their export growth and industry leadership, it is obvious that market indicators show that the United States still ranks first, no matter how you measure your machinery sales In terms of original equipment manufacturing, domestic consumption and domestic sales, Germany lags far behind the United States Only $16billion

China (3.984 billion) and Japan (3.221 billion) continue to serve their domestic market demand

according to the sales volume of packaging machinery, the top five are as follows:

1 US $5.93billion

2 Germany $4.584 billion

3 Japan's 3.339 billion fair design yuan

4 Italy $3.277 billion

5 China's $2.699 billion

calculated by domestic packaging machinery consumption, the top five are as follows:

1 In the United States, its value represents the magnitude of elastic deformation work of metal $6.765 billion

2 China $3.984 billion

3 Japan $3.221 billion

4 Germany $1.697 billion

5 Spain $1012billion

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