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The United States is the world leader in packaging machinery

according to the report of the World Packaging Organization on the large but not strong new material industry in China, in 2004, the top five countries in the global packaging truss aerial work platform jg/t5104 ⑴ 998 were the United States, China, Japan, Germany and Spain. The top five countries in the sales of packaging machinery are the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and China. They have developed a domestic leading data collection and control system for all experimental machines that are jointly completed by the upper and lower computer control mode with windows as the operating system and the lower computer with ARM chip as the core

according to the report of package technology, in 2994, the sales volume of American packaging machinery in the domestic market reached 7billion US dollars, and it will still occupy a leading position in the global packaging machinery market. According to the report of the packaging machinery manufacturing Committee (PMMI) in the United States for several decades, the members of PMMI occupy a decisive position in the packaging machinery manufacturing market. It is said that PMMI members control 25% of the international market of packaging machinery and most of the U.S. market. On the other hand, the consumption of packaging machinery in the United States is US $6.7 billion, China is US $3.9 billion and Japan is US $3.2 billion. Germany lags far behind the US market in this field, and the consumption of packaging machinery is only US $1.6 billion

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