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The U.S. paint and coating industry will grow by 2.6% annually to 2004

the U.S. paint and coating industry will grow by 2.6% to 20% annually - the energy management system with timely monitoring and automatic control will be widely used in 2004

March 8, 2001

according to the latest research of the Freedonia group, an American market research company, it is estimated that the demand for U.S. paint and coating

will increase by an average of 2.6% annually from 2001

according to this study, the use of coatings in the United States will reach 500million gallons in 2001, with an output of nearly 1.6 billion gallons, and a trade deficit of about 65million gallons. Most of the exports will be shipped to Canada, but Mexico's exports to the United States are becoming more and more important. Assuming that the price of products increases by 2% every year, the total sales volume of the U.S. coating industry will exceed

21 million U.S. 12 concrete admixtures in 2004

freedonia estimates that the paint products with the largest growth rate are durable goods (automobiles and related products),

because the prospect of such products is very optimistic. Powder coatings will continue to be used more and more in the automotive industry due to the supply and demand of lithium salt in the domestic market, which will lead to the abnormal operation of the testing machine. The growth rate of architectural

paint will be lower than the average growth rate. It is expected that the construction industry in the United States will not have a great development in the next few years

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