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Siemens and Bentley systems launched strategic cooperation, Beijing, China, December 13, 2012. Siemens and Bentley systems recently announced a strategic cooperation to promote the information modeling and integration of digital product design, manufacturing process design and equipment life cycle design. According to the memorandum of understanding signed by both parties, this cooperation will help both parties provide intelligent and sustainable digital factory infrastructure. At the beginning of the cooperation, the two companies will focus on the field of digital chemical plants in the automotive and discrete manufacturing industries

based on the long-term commitment of both parties to the openness of information technology, Siemens industrial automation group and Bentley systems will cooperate in the fields of common file format and content, integrated workflow for plant layout, and the combination of process and layout. This cooperation is an extension of the previous technical cooperation between the two sides. In the long run, the two companies will open up more opportunities for jointly developed technologies to expand industry centric solutions and further enhance the interoperability between Siemens' Teamcenter software and Bentley's ProjectWise software

teamcenter product lifecycle management software can help enterprises maximize productivity and optimize global operations while developing increasingly complex products. From product planning and development to product manufacturing and support services, it can provide accurate information to help users make correct product decisions. ProjectWise collaboration server and service system can promote the realization of work sharing, assist the application of virtual assets, improve project quality through dynamic review, and enhance value through content reuse

Dick slansky, senior analyst of ARC Advisory Group and director of PLM market research, said: for a long time, arc has always advocated creating a public and interoperable environment to share and exchange equipment design information and plant design information. We believe that the strategic cooperation announced by Siemens and Bentley systems will eventually realize the integration of digital equipment design and manufacturing process information with AEC and infrastructure design or construction information solutions. It is worth mentioning that this cooperation will enable Siemens' design or construction solutions such as Teamcenter, NX, tecnomatix to achieve open interoperability with Bentley's solutions such as ProjectWise, MicroStation, assetwise, etc. Arc will pay close attention to this cooperation in order to better understand what significant overall and potential benefits it will bring to relevant industries

Anton S. Huber, CEO of Siemens Industrial Automation Group in the field of industrial business, said: the two sides will jointly promote this exemplary transformation, and we will create a unified and comprehensive collaborative product and production life cycle for customers. It will improve workflow efficiency and help our users raise productivity to a new level. Nowadays, in the overall life cycle of any machine or factory, only by grasping each fully optimized machine with good quality and high precision can we detect good products! Purchasing tensile strength testing machine is to pass the QS certification and reach the national standard. How to buy it and how to deal with the "inspection" will be more important than ever before. This process starts from the planning and engineering design stage, continues to the operation and maintenance stage, and then enters the expansion and modernization stage. When we seek to integrate the life cycle of plant facilities into this process, we believe that Bentley systems is the best partner to help us realize this new value proposition

greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley systems, said: Bentley has redefined asset performance management to include capital expenditure and operating expenditure, and used our information mobile technology to achieve the unification of project and asset life cycle. With the unified product and manufacturing process life cycle provided by Siemens, the digital factory is becoming an ideal goal to unite and expand this unified work. Through more wise cooperation, Bentley and Siemens will help our common users deliver and equip manufacturing facilities faster, speed up production start-up preparation, reduce design, construction and operation costs, and improve plant operation and energy performance. In addition, we have also planned a series of fruitful cooperation in the future, including our assetwise asset lifecycle information management software and the latest ivara exp asset performance management software, to help owners or operators obtain the best performance, reliability and security from their assets

for more information, please visit: however, the supply structure based on primary processing products has not been fundamentally improved

bentley systems (exeston, Pennsylvania, USA) is a leading provider of comprehensive software solutions for architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, construction companies and owners/operators to maintain infrastructure. Bentley systems uses information mobility technology to improve asset performance, and uses information modeling and integration projects to build intelligent infrastructure. Its solutions include MicroStation infrastructure design and modeling platform, ProjectWise infrastructure project team collaboration and sharing platform, and assetwise infrastructure asset operation platform. All platforms support a wide range of interoperable applications and cooperate with global professional services. Bentley was founded in 1984, (3) the fluctuation of power supply voltage is small, and it can also show metal texture in 5 countries. It has more than 3000 employees in 0 countries, with an annual revenue of more than $500million. Since 2003, it has invested more than $1billion in R & D and acquisition. For more information, please visit:

Siemens Industrial Automation Group in China

Siemens industrial automation group supports the entire value chain of industrial customers. With the unique integration of automation technology, industrial control and industrial software, the group realizes the optimization of the entire value chain from product design and development to product production and service. With its software solutions, the industrial automation group can reduce the time of putting products on the market by up to 50%. The industrial automation group includes five business departments, involving automation systems, control products and system business engineering, sensors and communications, product life cycle management software and water treatment solutions. For more information, please visit:

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