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The application of Siemens RFID radio frequency identification system in the warehouse system of cigarette factory nozzle bar workshop

in order to strengthen quality control and improve production efficiency, a set of advanced automated three-dimensional warehouse is adopted in the nozzle bar production workshop of the new factory of cigarette factory, which is used for transferring and storing filter bars, realizing efficient and orderly management and scheduling of nozzle bars. In this library system, the system integrator adopts the RFID radio frequency identification system of Siemens company to track and manage the information such as the production unit number, brand number and production date of the mouth bar in and out of the warehouse, which improves the production efficiency and the accuracy of information management, and realizes the effective control of product quality

solution for the management information system of the mouth bar workshop

the PLC part of the system adopts Siemens SIMATIC s series, and the fieldbus part adopts Siemens distributed i/o device et200m supporting PROFIBUS protocol. At the production and warehousing end of the nozzle bar, after the nozzle bar is processed and formed, it is loaded into the plastic pallet through the loading machine, and then transported to the stacker of the vertical warehouse through the lifting and shifting machine, which is stored in the vertical warehouse. At the delivery end of the nozzle bar, the stacker receives the control instruction from the upper computer, takes out the pallet at the designated position in the warehouse, and then transports it to the transmitter through the discharger. The transmitter sends the nozzle bar to the next production process to realize the delivery process of the nozzle bar. The whole process realizes the whole process tracking management of mouth bar production information

scheme features

Moby of this project is mainly used in the warehousing identification and outbound identification of mouth bars in pallets

1. The materials in the warehousing process have been flowing and information flow since 2013. After the raw materials are processed into mouth bars by the filter rod forming machine, they are input into the plastic tray of the loading machine, and then transferred to the lifting and shifting machine. An SLG d12s read/write device is installed at the entrance of the shift machine at the storage end, and an MDS paper smart label (mobile data memory) is installed on the side of the pallet. The production unit number, brand number and production date of the nozzle bar are input in the lightweight results exhibition area by controlling the upper computer. When the pallet passes through the read/write device, these production and quality information are written into the corresponding electronic label on the pallet, At the same time, these information are also stored in the central database

2. Material flow and information flow in the outbound process

when the transmitter is out of stock, it sends a transfer application to the control upper computer. The upper computer finds the required goods in the database, sends instructions to the stacker to pick up the goods at the specified location, and transmits the control information and the basic information of the goods to SIMATIC s. An SLG d12s read/write device is installed at the outlet of the transfer machine at the delivery end. The cargo pallet is transported by the stacker to the delivery end for transfer. The sundry machine on the contact surface between the jaw chuck and the beam should be often removed according to the use. When the pallet passes through the read/write device, the information of the electronic label on the pallet is read out and compared with the information called out in the database. If the information is consistent, it indicates that the goods being transferred are correct

scheme conclusion

by using the RFID RFID system of Siemens in the three-dimensional warehouse of the mouth bar workshop, have you ever had the experience of operating the experimental machine incorrectly or destroying the machine carelessly? Answer: there is an efficient and accurate tracking and management of the production information and quality information of the mouth stick

through the automatic control and management of the production stock in and transfer stock out processes of the mouth bar, as well as the automatic inventory and pick-up operations, the efficient operation of the whole stock establishment system is ensured. (end)

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