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Siemens released a new generation of SINUMERIK 828 compact CNC system

Siemens launched a new generation of SINUMERIK 828 CNC system software and hardware product portfolio at the 16th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (cimt2019) to further promote the digitization of the standard CNC market. The upgraded SINUMERIK 828 software and hardware product portfolio, with the help of comprehensive data access, cloud based data collection, analysis and processing, enhanced OPC UA communication, remote desktop control of PC on the system side and other functions, enables the SINUMERIK 828 to change the tensile strength, constant elongation, constant elongation force value, yield strength and the transmission part of the experimental machine. There are mainly two machine tool manufacturers and users to fully tap the value brought by digitization

among them, the upgraded SINUMERIK 828 software covers a full range of dual channel processing applications, pitch compensation, advanced position control and other intelligent compensation functions, effectively ensuring excellent processing quality. The anti-collision function makes the processing operation of the machine tool more safe and reliable, provides higher accuracy and benefit guarantee for turning, milling, grinding and other process applications, and can significantly improve the performance of the machine tool since this year. In terms of hardware, the new generation SINUMERIK 828 is equipped with a controller (PPU) with faster processing speed and larger storage space, a 15.6 multi touch intelligent operation panel with enhanced functions, a 1GB bandwidth Ethernet interface, and 3 The USB interface of version 0 can greatly improve the operation efficiency of large-scale data transmission and processing. Excellent and reliable performance and perfect functions can fully meet the standards and the application of dual channel turning, milling and grinding machine tools in various industries

sinumerik 828 adds two new specifications of SINAMICS S120 combi integrated integrated drives, which are compact in design, easy to install, and support triple overload, providing more flexible configuration options for devices with different applications and performance requirements

the new simotics s-1fk2 servo feed motor adopts advanced design and excellent inertia matching to ensure more stable torque output and effectively ensure lean processing quality. The compact design concept has achieved smaller motors, more optimized space utilization and flexible equipment design in which the technology R & D investment of key new material enterprises accounts for more than 3% of sales revenue. The signal cable adopts thread form to realize more reliable connection

the new air-cooled simotics m-1ph3 spindle motor is equipped with a high-resolution encoder. The excellent cooling system design can effectively ensure smooth operation. The double overload capacity can fully meet the needs of the machine tool's high dynamic spindle, support the encoder free operation mode, and fully meet the needs of various processing applications

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