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Siemens set up a start-up incubator and invested heavily in docking with "industry 4.0"

Siemens cleans the working cylinder when necessary. If there is still a positive difference after excluding the influence of friction, this old manufacturing company has been surrounded and blocked by HP and Cisco in the era of industrial intelligence, and the situation is not optimistic. To this end, the company recruited lakananth, who used to work in competitors Hewlett Packard (HPE) and Cisco, to set up a new start-up business incubation Department next47, and invested a huge sum of € 1billion to promote the company's digital production. (5) start the experimental program of digital production and the "industry 4.0" strategy

it is understood that the start-up incubation department this time will focus on five areas: artificial intelligence, autonomous machinery, networked transportation, distributed electrification and blockchain to incubate related start-up technology enterprises

according to the data, the incubation objects of this time include the company's start-up projects, internal and external employee entrepreneurship, and widely look for projects that can make Siemens move towards digitalization, automation and electrification, but struggle to find detailed information manufacturing transformation

as an old manufacturing company, ximenzhi is facing the competition between HP enterprise (HPE) and Cisco. The new Department launched this time is not new. The company has long established the incubation of start-ups, but the plan and capital investment this time are even greater. At the same time, it is also dissatisfied with the support department of the company's previous start-up projects, believing that its efficiency is low and the return rate is low

the establishment of Siemens' start-up incubation department is a desperate behavior. It not only hopes to make achievements in the manufacturing industry, but also hopes to make breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, ready to call robots, IOT, vr/ar, blockchain and other cutting-edge technology fields

insiders said that this behavior of Siemens has great risks. They hope to obtain the demand of commercial manufacturing through projects and establish a new business model. After all, as a new pattern, the specific effect needs to be considered. Moreover, the technology effect of such a start-up company is not necessarily in line with Siemens' strategy. Whether it is a life-threatening behavior needs to be answered by the project effect of the Department

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