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Siemens sensor and communication department participated in the 20th multinational instrumentation academic conference and Exhibition

on October 23, 2009, the four-day "the 20th multinational instrumentation academic conference and Exhibition" (MICONEX) was successfully concluded in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center

as a leader in the international electrical field, Siemens is always famous for its quality. One of the major exhibitions Siemens must attend every year is the Multi Country Instrument Exhibition. In this exhibition, Siemens showed you the process instrument products of the sensor and Communication Department of the industrial automation group in the industrial business field, including: pressure and temperature transmitters, electromagnetic, ultrasonic, quality, vortex flowmeter, ultrasonic, microwave, guided wave radar and other level instruments, valve positioners, etc. The process instrumentation Department has been committed to providing a full range of automation instruments and application solutions for the process industry, involving petrochemical and chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, medicine, food and beverage, water treatment, tobacco, cement mining, papermaking and many other industries

during the exhibition, there are many 4 Press the "start" button. Scholars, experts and manufacturers from home and abroad came to Siemens booth. While visiting our process instrument products, they also shared the development trends and trends of process instruments. The following figure shows Mr. Schmid, senior executive vice president, visiting the exhibition area of Siemens sensor and communication department in MICONEX, and taking a group photo with Mr. Zhang Tiangui, general manager of sensor and communication department, and the person in charge of the exhibition organizer. At the scene, Mr. zhuziming, the Department Manager of the sensor and communication department, personally introduced the modular concept of Siemens process instruments and the application of Siemens process instruments in nuclear power and other industries to Mr. sch2017 mid and the guests present

this exhibition enables manufacturers and customers to have a closer contact with Siemens' process instrument products, automation instruments and application solutions in various industries. At the same time, it also provides a rare opportunity for suppliers and users to exchange views in depth between industry experts and relevant users who pay attention to such products, and everyone speaks freely. At the same time of the exhibition, we also issued a questionnaire for users who have made breakthroughs with connector technology. In this way, we can more intuitively understand users' opinions and suggestions on Siemens instrument products. Siemens can get a lot of meaningful content from it in terms of product promotion scheme and product sales mode, which undoubtedly has guiding significance for our future work

the tear test of the electronic universal testing machine is to calculate the tear strength value. At the same time, Siemens also takes this opportunity to communicate with other manufacturers in the industry. In the context of fierce market competition, we need to follow the market development trend and constantly find potential markets and users. Of course, this is also a necessary means to promote benign competition among competitors

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