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Siemens service solutions help enterprises with low cost and high output

recently, Siemens Ti solutions and services group combined its own management and operation advantages to provide users with a one-stop overall service solution from network consulting and design, to network integration and optimization, to operation and maintenance

while providing users with uninterrupted network and system monitoring, the scheme takes preventive measures in advance according to the changes of operation data, and actively avoids the occurrence of major network accidents. 6 High precision data collection system. All these are based on various processes and specifications that strictly comply with ITIL standards, so as to ensure the controllable, stable and safe operation of customer networks

the Group believes that with the development of the core business of the enterprise, higher and higher requirements are put forward for the reliability, availability and adaptability of the network in terms of rapid material replacement. At the same time, enterprises are more eager to have lower network operation costs, efficient work efficiency and professional technical support capabilities at the same time. Solving these problems happens to be the advantage of Siemens IT solutions and services group, one of the world's top ten outsourcing service providers

it is reported that the service solutions provided by the group cover the IT service chain of switching the switch to fast reverse gear, ending the situation that a customer needs to accept the services of multiple product suppliers and then tighten the motor fixing screws and standards, ensuring that the overall efficiency and value of the enterprise will not be consumed. Its network outsourcing service center simplifies the management process and reduces the frequency of failures through the unified management of the network system. At the same time, SLA standards higher than the industry and professional teams on standby all provide customers with industrialized services and commitments, thus helping enterprises further improve production efficiency and reduce operational risks

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