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Tai'an Wuyue company clearly promotes development

recently, Tai'an Wuyue company held two general manager office meetings and many special meetings to discuss and study the 2018 book of 17 departments of the company, and signed a book with the heads of all departments on March 1, putting forward four work requirements

Wang Jun, the general manager of the company, pointed out that the company has broken down and implemented the books signed by the group and Taian Wuyue company one by one. The books of all departments of the company are simplified as much as possible, and only key indicators are listed. He hoped that all departments would take it seriously, always adhere to the enterprise policy of quality first and benefit first, and do a good job in the implementation of the work throughout the year

first, we should clarify the goals and tasks to ensure completion. This year's book clamping has been carefully discussed and repeatedly studied by all departments at all levels of the company, so that you can understand the characteristics of the concrete pressure testing machine. It is highly operable and the content is close to reality. I hope that all departments take the book as the starting point, use their brains, innovate ideas, and formulate practical measures for the goal and direction of the year. Everyone is familiar with the tensile test of bolts, and all staff work together to complete every work with quality and quantity, Ensure the completion of the objectives of the book and the completion of the work objectives after the application of all tensile testing machines for a period of time in 2018. Second, we should carry forward the spirit of dedication and jointly promote development. Companies and departments have made employees have better income, but the incentive mechanism cannot be abused. While paying attention to material incentives, dedication should be vigorously promoted. In principle, work within the normal scope of responsibility will not be rewarded, and work beyond the normal scope of responsibility or exceeding the target can be appropriately rewarded. Third, we should promote collaboration and cooperation and provide proactive services. Efficient coordination and close cooperation between departments are the basic guarantee for the completion of all work. All departments should pay attention to the implementation of the company's deployment, start from small things and do small things well; We should strengthen the horizontal cooperation between departments, and have the awareness of active service and cooperation; We should strengthen the vertical working relationship between superiors and subordinates, be rigorous in reporting and communication, and the leaders should reply in a timely manner, so as to avoid the phenomenon of "pushing, dragging, and bypassing". Fourth, pay attention to work details and improve work quality. At present, there are still problems in our work, such as "we can almost make a fine product" and "we can almost make it perfect". The reason is that the details are not done in place. We hope that all departments should abandon the "almost" thinking, attach great importance to it and strive to solve it, and improve the work quality and product quality by paying attention to the details, so as to improve the company's efficiency and management level

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