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Tablet computer and integration or future terminal integration development direction

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according to relevant news reports, Cisco recently launched a 7-inch tablet computer cius, which provides an optional phone base accessory, with call function and supports high-definition video. At present, its specific price is not clear, and it is expected to appear in the first quarter of 2011

since Apple launched its own tablet computer product iPad in a high-profile manner, a new upsurge of tablet computers is sweeping the world. Whether it is an internationally renowned IT manufacturer or a domestic well-known IT brand, whether it is a PC (personal computer) manufacturer such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, or a non PC enterprise such as Microsoft, Google, Cisco, they all begin to target the new hot field of tablet computers, In the future, the competition in the tablet computer market is bound to be more intense than in any previous electronic product market, but the current threshold in technology will also make the user experience of various products significantly different, and the competitiveness of various manufacturers is significantly different. After a herd, some foam will appear, and then the market will be slightly consolidated

Analysys International has found that the development of terminals in the future will show two directions: mass integration and niche segmentation, especially with the breakthrough of technology and the continuous improvement of manufacturing level, this trend will become more and more obvious

Analysys in2 (removing rust proof grease from exposed surfaces International) believes that the future integration terminal needs to have the characteristics of large screen, strong data processing ability, good scalability, diversified operation modes, portability and so on, so as to effectively meet the effective demand of the mass market for terminals. From this point of view, tablet computers and integration may become the development direction of terminal integration in the future, There are three reasons:

first, the platform is based on tablet computers and. The loading and application functions of communication modules are increased, and the integration of various terminals is obvious

secondly, with the improvement of chip processing technology and the progress of manufacturing technology, tablet computers are becoming more and more portable when their performance can meet the needs of users. There are more and more technical problems, and on the premise of maintaining portability, the data processing ability is also growing

third, both of them pay full attention to good epitaxy and make effective exploration, which is conducive to improving the support ability of software and hardware through peripherals, so as to meet higher user needs

although tablet computers and integration may become the future direction of the integration of electronic terminals in the mass market, limited by technology, it will take a long time to truly achieve the integration of portability, large screen, high data processing capacity, good heat dissipation and low cost. In a short period of time, tablet computers and dual platforms will still be developed, With the enhancement of the portability of tablet computers, the development of large screen and the improvement of data processing ability, they are gradually converging in the mass market

first of all, do you have a deeper understanding of the falling weight impact testing machine? I hope this article can help you! Actively improve their processing capacity, and effectively meet the diversified needs of users based on terminals under the condition of ensuring the warranty period and user experience; Secondly, it is necessary to set up powerful extension functions, which is conducive to meeting other usage habits of users in specific occasions with the help of some extension devices in the case of portability; The third is to properly control the investment in the integration direction based on their own basic use experience of products and their own resource capabilities, so as to avoid the dilemma of excessive investment but insufficient income due to immature technology or low possibility of actual business. CTI Forum Report

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