The hottest tadilan coralpbx is upgraded to aeonix

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The practice of upgrading tadilan coral PBX to aeonix unified communication system

the information and communication machine room in this case was built in 1982, and it has been more than 30 years since. The communication equipment in the machine room has reached the mechanical life limit, and the aging of equipment components can not guarantee the stable and reliable transmission of information in the plant dispatching except to publicize and indicate the identity of the local tyrant. Among them, the static floor, wall decoration, power lines and other machine room environments have become obsolete, It is impossible to meet the requirements of communication equipment, computers and other equipment for temperature, humidity, cleanliness, electrical performance, fire resistance, anti-static ability, anti-interference ability, and other indicators. Therefore, it is urgent to transform the computer room environment and communication equipment of the communication machine room

transformation content of communication machine room

removal of the original old equipment in the machine room

machine room decoration project

upgrade the overall intelligent monitoring system of the machine room

upgrade the communication equipment in the machine room, upgrade the original coral switch to a pure soft aeonix unified communication system, and complete the installation and commissioning

transformation objective

after the transformation is completed, it is estimated that the disaster recovery backup soft switch cluster construction of 6 nodes will be achieved in the final period

realize real-time data synchronization between multiple servers and strengthen system stability

the core switching server, dispatching service, conference server and application service of the soft switch system first affect the combination of oil pipe and oil inlet and return valves and oil cylinders. The server, signaling server and other modules are designed as an integration

touch screen dispatching desk and handle are 1+1 redundant backup, and tablet computer should be supported as an emergency means

all IP, switching units, dispatching desks, etc. are of the same brand with the main system and are managed uniformly

the transformation of three nodes has been completed. Each node has deployed aeonix soft switch servers and formed a cluster

five sets of touch screen dispatching console authorization are configured, and the dispatching console handle follows the IP dispatching console flexset ip280, which not only ensures that the original usage habits of users remain unchanged, but also ensures the early investment of users

configure a set of 1+1 backup IP centralized recording system, with 24 concurrent recording channels, which can record the designated dispatching console, IP extension and analog extension

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