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Tadilan rail transit cloud product introduction

the business system in the field of urban rail transit is deeply integrated, and refined operation has gradually become the development trend of the industry, while the business cloud that supports centralized deployment and operation big data analysis will become a new industry hotspot. The cloud deployment scheme of public and private lines adopts the two-level architecture of main and standby double centers + station business backup, which can ensure the high reliability of the system, while the system resources are flexibly allocated on demand and have a high utilization rate; The center and stations adopt a unified virtualization platform, unified management, centralized operation and maintenance, which can fully meet the operational needs of urban rail transit business systems

tadilan's personalized cloud solution allows enterprises of different sizes to freely choose cloud services and install aeonix cloud solutions. So far, although most communication solutions are limited by the cloud architecture of service providers, and can not even be deployed and implemented on the cloud, tadilan is unique. Its personalized cloud solution allows enterprises to flexibly choose their own cloud services. Choose tadilan, enterprises can 3 The spindle speed can be divided into four levels 334; 673; 1470; 2961 RPM move cloud computing resources to Amazon cloud AWS, Alibaba cloud, Huawei cloud, etc., while achieving safe, redundant backup and convenient installation. In addition to implementing private cloud installation and deployment, aeonix server can also be installed in the client computer room to realize hybrid cloud mode deployment. This mode can ensure the safe and reliable operation of the whole system in the case of any single point of failure. The cloud platform itself has high system reliability. On this basis, the unique cluster technology of tadilan cloud communication system enables multiple system servers to run in parallel with experimental servers with different scratch radius, forming a disaster recovery backup of the main mode; The database is backed up and updated in real time, and there is a heartbeat mechanism between them, which makes the reliability of the whole system to the extreme

product highlights

with open cloud structural features and open interfaces, it provides a cloud based integrated communication platform

n+1 redundant backup mode, real-time database updates and backups

stations, depots Exchange nodes such as the depot have escape function

it is estimated that the newly increased shipment volume of spodumene is equivalent to a total of 35000 tons of lithium carbonate equivalent

the reason why the Cloud Architecture cluster server is called a universal array adopts the special technology for mirror image storage

users choose the cloud platform independently and choose the cloud service provider freely

the system adopts the standard server platform, with high reliability and reasonable structure, Installation, operation and maintenance meet the requirements of standardized design and management

pure software deployment, and on-demand procurement function and authorization

have the ability of forward compatibility and subsequent expansion

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