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Tableware "wearing the wrong clothes" is more harmful

it shows that the red line or black line is connected with polarity. Life tips: when using plastic food bags, it is necessary to "verify the right body"

many people are used to such a phenomenon when eating in small stalls and snack bars: the waiter puts a plastic bag on a bowl that he doesn't know whether he has washed or not, and then puts food on it to the customer. Is this "dressed" tableware hygienic? On the 5th, an interview was conducted during the visit, and it was found that this practice is really not clean, and may endanger human health

witness: tableware "dressing" can be seen everywhere

lens 1: at 11:30 p.m., in a jelly and jelly snack stall on Cuihua street, the shopkeeper found that if he put a too low cover on each bowl, the gas will overflow from the plastic into a small plastic bag, and then put the jelly and jelly into it. If customers need to take it away, they will also pour it into these plastic bags. When asked whether the boss used a food bag, the boss casually replied, "the bag is for food. Why are you so particular about so much? Rest assured, it's new."

shot 3: at 3 p.m. in front of a tofu brain stall in the people's Park Square, the stall owner quickly threw away the dirty plastic bag on the small bowl and put a clean bag on it. The stall owner said that he used nearly 100 plastic bags every day. Ms. Wang, a citizen, said that the bowls on the snack stand were not washed clean, so it was better to put on plastic bags to make people feel at ease

law enforcement officers: tableware "wearing the wrong clothes" is more harmful

in the interview, I learned that the phenomenon of using ordinary plastic bags to pack food can be seen everywhere on the streets of our city. To this end, we interviewed the relevant staff of the municipal health law enforcement and supervision institute. According to reports, restaurants cannot apply non food plastic bags to tableware, and plastic bags specially used for food packaging must also meet the requirements of national standards, and must be printed with the words "for food" in obvious places. According to the provisions of the food hygiene law, the plastic packaging used to contain food must be non-toxic and harmless plastic packaging produced by the designated manufacturer that is qualified and approved by the health department. It is strictly prohibited to use inferior plastic bags without words

law enforcement officials said that non food plastic bags are toxic and harmful based on the service experience accumulated for several decades, but they will not show up immediately. Long term use will lead to lead poisoning and even cancer. Therefore, citizens must have a sense of self-protection and consciously use "food" plastic bags. If food sellers do not have them, they should be asked to provide them

Huang Bo, chief physician of the digestive department of the people's Hospital, specially reminded the public that when using plastic bags to package cooked food, snacks and other direct food, it is best not to use colored plastic bags. Because the pigment used for dyeing plastic bags has strong permeability and volatility, it is easy to exude when it meets oil and heat. If it is an organic dye, it will also contain aromatic hydrocarbons, which will have a certain impact on health. In addition, many colored plastic bags are made of recycled plastics. Because there are many impurities in recycled plastics, manufacturers have to add pigments to cover them up. Some plastic bags with recycled plastics as raw materials are white

teach you a few tricks: identification of food bags

water detection method: the proportion of non-toxic plastic bags is low, and the water can float; Toxic plastic bags have a large proportion and tend to sink when thrown into water

hand touch detection method: the non-toxic plastic bag is translucent, has a certain flexibility, and feels like a layer of wax on the surface; The color of the toxic plastic bag is turbid or light yellow, and it feels "sticky"

shake detection method: grasp the plastic bag and shake it hard. The sound is pure and non-toxic, and the sound is stuffy and toxic

fire detection method: the non-toxic plastic bag is flammable, and it flows like candle tears when burning, with the smell of paraffin; Toxic plastic bags are nonflammable and extinguish immediately after leaving the fire. When burning, there is choking and irritating gas, which can soften and wire drawing

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